SFA3 via Kaillera

Just want to play some friendly\competitive matches
emulator: mame32k v0.67
game: sfa3 us (popular ver.)

btw, I’m only on keyboard right now, but later today I should have a good fighting pad from a friend, I just want to get use to playing on mame.

First, use Mame32k 0.64 not 0.67

0.67 has desync issues and isn’t used by anyone really.

Thanks bro:tup:

My user on kaillera, is StrtFghtrMstr. I had fun playing “super giant” or a similar username last night, he was using Achunli, good times. Look for me on “god-something”?server? I’m always down to play sfa3 : )

You’re from VA Beach? I’ll have to play you on Kaillera sometime. Assuming MAME works, which lately I can’t get it to reliably. Nick is Spectre_General. I haven’t been playing it at all lately.

Ya VB area, just trying to get some practice in before a small promotional sfa3 tourney for my friend’s store. IM me if you get a chance on AIM: StrtFghtrMstr the links provided in this thread worked fine for me, mame32kv0.64 or something like that with the SFA3 US ver.

Anybody know how to record games with Kawaks and Kaillera?

If not, throw me a link for some cool videos :slight_smile:

For Kaillera, press control+shift when you start the game.

Sorry thats mame only, you can’t record online with kawaks…yet. However if your computer is good enough you could run a third party program to record while your playing, if you do i reccomend you record the matches individually, otherwise at least on my system the picture and sound desync after a few matches, if i record all my matches in one go.