Sfa3 world championship full vids

These vids aren’t mine but I thought they deserved a look if people haven’t seen since this was the first ever usa japan encounter. I think most of us have seen the recap of the matches but someone posted the full matches awhile back. It’s nice to see where sf and a3 was before it was played at the very best (vism madness) and what tactics people were doing. Important to keep in mind the young valle that was playing here is equivalent to the justin wong of today, probably at his prime. Daigo pulling through with adaptation and clutch.

*I’m not sure if I’m correct, but it looks like Daigo asks Alex to sit farther away from him. During the first match, Alex was sitting on the right side of the left cabinet and Daigo was sitting on the left side of the right cabinet, right next to each other. Later Alex moved farther to the left and Daigo farther to the right.

HMM old school tactics…maybe playing side by side versus head to head does make a difference.


You can find the rest of the matches on the links to the right.

Exhibition Matches (the complete set is on zachd)


Nice Rolento from Valle vs Daigo’s Guy