SFA3 Worldwide Player Index

I just posted a thread on the ST section ( http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=4163369&postcount=1 ) of a player index and since I have time, I’ve also made an A3 index too (along with 5 other player indexes) and found information around SRK.

I know I’m missing names so please help out whatever info you can. :tup:

Krusher’s/Krasher’s Sodom is leagues better than Chikyuu’s.
Shinya’s Guy is arguably better than Kiyo’s.
Masa’s V-Akuma
Mustache’s V-Charlie
Mukai’s V-Dhalsim (I think he’s the one who invented that messed up glitch VC)

U.S. East Coast
Nibor’s V-Cody
Tomass and his V-Birdie/V-Dhalsim.
Also, he isn’t well known or anything, but Slide has a mean V-Charlie/A-Guy. Tomass can attest to that. If he hadn’t been shipped off to Iraq/Qatar, I’m sure he would’ve won/placed in something by now.

And you can ask Nagata how my V-Cody is :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t travel though, so I don’t really qualify.

I’ll update this tomorrow.

There are some other american guys like Bmore-Chun (A-Chun’) and Big 5 (V-Akuma) that I wasn’t sure if I should list, ‘cause I haven’t actually had contact with them like I have with some of the others.
Add A-Guy to Slide’s list of characters if you can. He actually plays him more than Charlie, but I listed Charlie first, because he tends to do better against people with infinites when he’s using him instead.
Also, Tomass’ chars are Birdie/Dhalsim, not Birdie/Charlie :stuck_out_tongue:

Updated. Thanks to Kyokuji and Lomo. :tup:


Please amend; Japan’s Kiyo who plays A-Guy is also known as Teacher.

  • Kayaman is also another great Japanese player who uses all flavours of Blanka.
  • Please add Tsubaru, who is a Japanese A-Claw player
  • Arai is another great V-Adon player
  • Chappi also plays V-Zangief
  • Asaba (V-Akuma, V-Sodom)
  • Harahi (A-Blanka)

UK Players:

  • Geejay (A/V-Akuma, A-Gen, A-Rose)
  • Chunkis (V-Akuma, V-Ryu, V-Ken)
  • 1up (V-Chun Li, V-Karin, V-Sakura)
  • Ben Mishima (V-Ryu, V-Sakura)
  • IMX (A-Dhalsim, A-Zangief, A-Ryu, V-Juni)
  • Evil Guy (A-Guy, A-Dhalsim, V-Rolento)
  • middlekick (V-Cammy, V-Charlie, A-Blanka)
  • Heat (A/V-Dhalsim, V-Zangief, A/V-Ryu)
  • Psi-OTG (V-Karin, X-Ryu)
  • Cobra Commander (A-Ken)
  • Inspector (A-Akuma, A-Sakura)
  • The Living King (V-Zangief, V-Akuma)
  • Subliminal UK (V-Cody, V-Charlie, V-Sagat)
  • Nonegiven (A-Guy, V-Sakura, A/V-Ryu)
  • Alun (V-Claw, A/V-Akuma)
  • Lebowsk1 (A-Sakura, A-R.Mika)
  • Damien (A-Zangief, A-Rose, A-Boxer, A-Charlie)
  • Ben 911 (A-Akuma, X-Ryu)
  • Vega V-ism (V-Claw, V-Rolento)
  • Grayfox (V-Cody, V-Sakura, A-Guy)
  • Egg (V-Sodom, A-Dhalsim, A-Rolento)
  • Weles (A-Chun Li, A-Juni)
  • Campbell (X-Ryu, X-Rolento)

Updated. Thanks Middlekick. :tup:

-Dark (A-Gen)
-Maho (V-Vega)
-h.o.t. (V-Chun)


I will write some name again to add. (I send them via MSN and you said you got them, but they aren’t in the list.)


Biorento Ken (V-Sodom)
Stormbringer (A-Guy)
Ressless (A-Adon)

Dogg (A-Blanka)
Circus Minkey (V-Sakura)
Cartman (A-Guy)

Sadly I don’t know next to nothing about their scene, only saw match-vids of those three guys. And they were on a good level.

But here’s a link to their site, with two vids of thoses 3 guy’s. The vids are old now. From a tournament called "GM Cup"

Updated. :tup:

CB’s VAkuma

i just played a and x chun cause i was to tired to play v-akuma against B-more

You can make an actual map-


So here I would like to list some of the players of China.
Shanghai Indian (A-Dalsim)
Shanghai No.2 (A-Ryu, A-Ken)
??? (V-gouki)
Cross Fire (A-Chunli,A-Charlie,A-Barlog[mask])
Ture Vega (A-Guy,V-Ryu)
Biobaby (V/A-Gouki,A-Rose,A-Rolento)
Crazy NT (V-Sodom,A Guy,V-Cody)
Kahl (A-Vega[Boss],A-Rose,V-Sagat,A-Bison[boxer])
Zhong (Gen)
?? (V-Sakula,A-Rose)
??? (V-Rolento,A-Guy,A-Bison[boxer])
?? (A-Bison[boxer],A-Charlie,V-Karin)
Knife (A-Ken,A-Gouki,A-guy)
kofkofkof (A-guy,A-dalsim,V-zangief,V-sakula)

Wow, 3 A-Rose players over there. I think that already counts as “a lot” :smile:



I typed some Chinese characters, so maybe these can not be rightly displayed in your system.
I edit as below, please updated it. Thanks.

Shanghai Gouki Team (V-gouki)
Chui liu (V-Sakula,A-Rose)
Kireek (V-Rolento,A-Guy,A-Bison[boxer])
Eric Lau (A-Bison[boxer],A-Charlie,V-Karin)

I played with INO (Japanese CVS2/3rd Player) several months ago.
As my opinion, his V-Sakula, V-Akuma, X-Blanka are all great!!!

there’s a player named ‘shanghai gouki team’? that’s the best name i’ve ever heard.

shanghai gouki team is composed by 3 gouki(Akuma) players, however it is very hard to translater the real Chinese meaning to English.