SFAA: Hi Scores

This is just a high score thread, if you can, just put up what you made in the versions of the games. Hell, even give player tip & what not. My bad if there’s a thread like this, but I doubt it. Fundouken!!! BTW, for a challenge, which is fun, post your high score on max difficulty.

SFA3: Gouki/Akuma Vism- 1641900

Dude, you live in Chicago? Visit the Chicago thread in Midwest discussion.

You live anywhere by Calumet City? I’m looking for people to practice with in SFAA.

Sorry man, I moved to the state of the mormons, I might be there after EVO, depends on the situation. Is Friar Tucks still there on 159th?:looney:

1951876 with Ken in Alpha 2

A-ism Ken: 3091500