sfac 15th anni

so ive been reading on the forums and looking around for a converter for my fight stick. the 15th anniversary street fighter stick

and i borrowed my friends pelican converter…when i connect everything up nothing seems to work…is there something i need to do so that the systems recognizes the stick. I just plugged the control into the pelican converter and the pelican into one of the usb slots? any ideas?

It’s a very well-documented problem here. The anniversary stick is not compatible with that adapter, or most other adapters and converters for that matter. The anniversary stick’s PCB is infamous for this, and is considered to be of very low design quality. As far as I know, the only known solution is to replace it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

that really sucks… i’m not very tech savage with this kind of thing is there any suggestions you can give to get it replaced or anything?

What console or system are you trying to use it with? Im guessing PS3 if your trying to use a pelican

If PS3 buy yourself a pre-assembled cthulhu board from toodles or a store. Doesnt require any soldering as far as I know. Connect your buttons and stick up to that (just get rid of the old PCB or keep it safe for if you ever want to revert back to how it was originally), then just feed the USB cable out of your box and connect it to your console. Im not gonna explain how to connect one up as there’s plenty of threads around here for that, but the board itself comes well recommended by users on here and is used in tons of sticks.

I have two Anniversary stick & have had no problems at all…

To OP:
This might be silly but make sure the Pelican adapter is set to controller & not GH, which is used for Guitar Hero. Also when you plug in the adapter all 4 red lights will start to blink, make sure to push the PS button to activate the adapter…

Also if it doesnt work, i’ll be more then happy to buy it off you…:wgrin:

it is on control and not guitar hero but still nothing

i wonder if anyone has just bought a converter and made it work without the mods

Seriously?!! Wow. I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard of it working. By now I thought it was a safe assumption that none of them worked.

(Sorry for the bad info, man! I was 200% sure I knew what I was talking about haha.)

deadfrog- no need to apologize, i really appreciate your help

rcaido-do i need to update my ps3 itself or anything?and do you use your stick for the pelican converter

I thought i remembered hearing that a certain batch with a certain pcb would work, but that most dont.

anyways, OP, if you’re updating the stick to a PS3 stick, it’ll be easy as pie. i think the most you’ll need to do is cut/strip wires.

I’ve been using my Pelican converter since they first came out. No update needed. Works with all my controllers flawlessly, that’s why the Pelican adapters were going for over $100 at one time…

Maybe you have a defective adapter? Have you tried other sticks?

This is actually the first for me to hear that the Pelican does not work on a controller. Maybe you’re getting it mixed up with the Inpin adapter that “laugh” sells, i know that its not compatible for Anniversary stick…

There are actually 2 different colored PCB’s that you could get in your SFAC stick, a yellow and a green one. Check out this pic to get an idea of the difference.

From my understanding, the sticks with the green PCBs are the problem childs as they are the ones that have problems playing with others. There are a couple of adapters that will work with the green PCB however. Check the Converter Compatibility thread that Kyle put up. On the first page it lists the tested converters and what sticks they will and will not work on.

rcaido-i havent tried any other sticks but at this point i think imma have to switch the pcb plus one of the buttons get stuck sometimes and i think its just dirty so imma see if i can have my friend swap the pcb for me i have 2 pelican converters and both dont work with it

Is this the stock PCB with xbox/ps2 or did you buy it from someone who already switched it out? If you’re planning to switch it, dont use the original PS1 PCB according to the converter thread its has compatibility issues…

rcaido-do you think it would be easier to just find someone on here to mod it for me?

i also need to switch the buttons out since 1 gets stuck sometimes and its annoying… might as well switch out the buttons on it

Open your stick and check the PCB according to this picture. Let us know which you have. You shouldn’t have to replace it.

Since the stick uses quick disconnects, swap the wires around to your faulty button and see if it still acts up. That should help to narrow down if there’s a problem with the button.

Kyle-well i think the button is just sticky on the inside maybe someone spilled something on it

Did someone call the sfac squad? Yes, figure out the voltage and we can troubleshoot from there.

SFAC Squad Activate!