SFAC Guide Errors

Now, I’m not badmouthing the guide. In fact, it’s the greatest guide I’ve ever had. It’s just…
THREE TIMES ALREADY I’ve opened up to a random page, and see a misprint. :confused:
So what misprints can you find?
I’ve found:
Missing Ken from kara throw listings, even though they give tips on setting them up in Ken’s strat section…
Akuma and Alex have their cancellable indicators (the CS, SC, SA) reversed, because I KNOW Alex cannot POSSIBLY cancel a st. rh into another st. rh. :confused:
Ken’s EX Shoryu is apparently 12 frames, which is obviously false.
ST Akuma states that his red fireball is done with 43236 + P, which I believe is false.
Ken’s St. Far Fierce does not link to a special move, nor itself (it’s an accidental copy of his St. Far Strong).
More later, forgot some other ones.
Random Typos:
3S Akuma spells Gou Shouryuken “Gou Shoutryken” in the description.
Urien’s “TOTAL DAMAGE” for his EX Tackle linked to tyrant slaughter is spelled “TOTAL DMAAGE”.
Urien’s 15 hit combo that does 85 total damage doesn’t state it needs to be done in the corner.
Again, forgot some. More later.

And again, I’m not saying I dislike this guide because of these errors. Most of these errors I can figure out myself. It does not make this guide any worse than what it is, which is understandable, competent, and agreeable. I just happen to be bored and noticed this guide had more mishaps than I expected.

Help find some yourself! It might help people who are confused at some things. :tup:

It says that Ken’s c.MK isnt Super Cancellable. Is that true?

Nah, ST Akuma’s red FB is done the Ryu way. Motion didn’t change until A2 i believe.

I think they should have mentioned that Ken/Ryu had totally invincible uppercuts up until ST, but eh

Cr. Mk is cancellable, DEFINITELY. It was just another accidental copy of another attack (cr. rh).

I know it’s done that way. I’m saying it’s a misprint. 43236 + P is back, down-forward, qcf. …That’s some SNK shit right there. :confused:

The typos (and other assorted problems) are kind of a problem though. At the least, they’re glaring stains on a beautiful book. It’s kind of unacceptable too; I mean, you only have to get it right once, so take the time to be sure before you print out thousands of copies. The obvious errors aren’t too big of a problem (at least not to us already informed players), except for the ones that cover over useful information (like if Ken’s EX Shoryuken is not 12 frames, then what is it?). But what if there are less obvious typos, like some frame data being off by a just a few frames? Then someone wastes a lot of time trying to combo something that should never combo in the first place. And then all of the frame data has lost its integrity and can’t be trusted.

All of that being said, yes, this is a great book, especially considering the scene here (i.e. outside of Japan), and we should all be happy. It is a huge step in the right direction towards the Japanese guides.

is f. mk or was it b. mk able to combo into a super?

b.mk, link shippu

Consider this, only the Street Fighter Community is going to notice these “glaring errors”. While to us we see it as a glaring error, many will not even recognize it.

You don’t need frame counts, you really need the strategy if you need this book. So what if you know how many frames Ken’s EX-Shoryuken. So what if you know how to do Urien’s Aegis Reflector combos. None of this means shit if you don’t know the strategy behind setting them up. I think that’s the part strategy guides have been lacking in the past that this book tries to remedy.

There’s obviously more data that could have been added, and much that needed to be cut. I think in general, this book does a good job of setting up a n00b to really play SF3:TS. I don’t claim to know how to play every single character in TS, so this book helps me with the characters I don’t know.

Regardless of the errors, this book represents something that I hope is a trend, strategy guides for fighting games that actually contained strategy and not movelists.

…and on a side note, when did it become the case where we all started only playing a handful of characters. I seem to remember a time when we all could play every single character in a game with a better than average skill level.


is kara uoh an error also cuz ive been playin 3s for a long time and this is the first i heard of that shit

It’s not an error.

my only complaint is they didnt add stun combos for the 3rd strike characters. Very useful info.

FYI, all of the errors were made by Brady Games’ not-so-observant editing staff. Mopreme and Kamui submitted the information to them perfectly, all Brady had to do was put the moves in boxes with the numbers and info they were provided with. But, as you can all see, they did make a few mistakes. They sent Mopreme and Kamui PDF files of the guide before it was done being printed to double-check over it, but they were both in California for Evolution the whole time :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, just use common sense, of course Ken’s low MK is super cancellable. The guide certainly didn’t turn out perfectly, but it turned out extremely well given the amount of time Brady had to complete it, and it sets a good standard for future game guides.

Stuff also missing on the HSF2 section:

-All of Super Turbo Ken’s Special Kicks.
-The button that needs to be pressed on Guile’s specials on his Super version.
-Akuma’s Teleport move.
-All of Honda’s Super Turbo close normal moves. They are different than his Super counterpart.

Akuma doesn’t have a teleport move in that game only Shin Akuma as an alternate boss.

Page 43, isn’t it? They list it all as one move, but still. :xeye:

Um, yes you can do it. Its DP + all Punch or Kicks. Its also Backwards DP + all Punch or Kicks.

Why not send the comments to Brady Games? Perhaps the company could empathize and do a 2nd print of these books? I actually look to purchase them but I would prefer a print that doesnt have these errors. Most of any TS information for a seasoned player is common sense (Ken cr. forward is cancelable etc;…) but just in having a polished book to me I think if these comments are directed to Brady Games, there may be another print.

Where/how can one aquire said guide?

chapters/amazon/indigo has it.

But they leave out HCF + K and F, DF, D + K.

Also, this is minor, but a bit misleading: In Fei Long’s section, they say his F + MK hop kick move is the same in ST as it is in Super, except it hops forward in ST. This is true, but they leave out the fact that in ST the move hits high, which makes it VERY different than Super.