SFAC modding troubles. P360


ok so yesterday i went to install a P360 into the SFAC stick on its original dual board…

me a dreaded fist both found mutliple +5 on there but none of them work… its sorta pissing me off…

has anyone installed a p360 on this little board and mind helping me out… its for a customer who is buying it so i need to hurry…

thanks in advance… please help me out.


You need to check that the SFAC you have uses a common ground; I’ve heard ( Post from RDC, Ibelieve on xbox-scene, when he was adding a x360 pcb in with the existing pcb) that it can use a common HIGH line. If it uses a common high, then even if you find the right +5 and ground to use for power, it will act like all of the directions would be pressed except the ones actually pressed.


it uses 3 grounds… all of them sorta connect cuz they are solder together.
i mean i can daisy chain anything… but it just so retarded.

but the problem is that it gives out like +5 on alot of them… and i dont know if i need to seperate a certain ground… but if anyone can figure this out or has done it i really need the help.

and whats a common HIGH line.

shit for now since my customer said he will take a psx pad he said that is fine… but still i would like to know for me cuz sometihng like this is bugging me.

if i sent you the pcb think you could figure it out or if i sent a picture of the pcb


If they’re soldered together, then they’re connected. Just treat them as a single ‘common’ and you’re good.

This part’s easy. Pick a button, and look to see which of the two wires going to the button is connected to the common line with the rest. Mark it with a sharpie or a piece of electrical tape. Plug it in, preferably into the xbox. With your multimeter set to detect Volts, and whatever setting is just over 5 volts (on my multimeter, that’s the 20 volt setting) touch the black probe to the wire you marked with a sharpie, and the red probe to the other wire going to that button. Touching the QD’s on the button is fine, but the button can not be pressed. Look at your multimeter. The reading should be either around 5 volts, or around -5 volts.

If the reading is 5 volts-ish, it uses a common ground, and your inability to wire the p360 just means you pulled a stupid somewhere and you should check your wiring.

If the reading is -5 volts-ish, the uses a common high setup. You can still use a p360 just fine, but you’ll need to invert the four direction lines. The p360 uses low for pressed, and high for not pressed, the opposite of what a common high uses. It’s a simple thing to do, and takes just one chip, like a 74HC04 inverter. Let me know if you need help figuring out how to wire the chip, but you’ll probably figure it out.

If you shipped it, I know I could figure it out, but there’s no reason you can’t figure it out with the test above.

Picture ain’t gonna help.