SFAC on xbox 360?

How does SFAC run on xbox 360?

Do both the anniversary edition of SF and 3rd strike play ok? Any issues I should be aware of?

yeah they both play ok, ive played them online with no problems.

When you jump to high in 3rd strike sometimes the game gets slow down for a couple seconds. Examples are after makotos sa2 and you try to juggle uriens jumps etc. I dont think 2 has problems on 360

ya thats because emulation most time has glitches, yun’s stage has backround glitch.

hugo’s stage music loops and can somtimes cut of making it mute game play.

Ya if you super jump it slows down.

I have it both for the 360 and ps2. Ps2 is slightly smoother, but overall you won’t notice much of a difference when its running in emulation on 360.

except for super jumping where it freeze’s

you play someone like Yun and Oro it mess’s up your timing, so 360 is crap

use the regular xbox. 360 users are gimping the regualr xbox users of their gameplay experience, online, with the shitty emulation.

spot on mate (but i gave up online play with 3s)

u should get back on, but with ggpo, or better yet 2df (3 thumbs up)

I’m buying an original xbox for xbox live. Anyone have problems using a PS2 to xbox joystick adapter? I have a mas stick.

people play this on 360? I am shocked…