SFAC Pad hack....help!

So umm yea, i plan on putting a SFAC pad pcb in my new stick for the red cord…but im using a P360 and I was wanting to know if it has enough power for that crap. If so what do I solder it at.

surely some one can help me!?


I don’t know about that but I will take your gutted SFAC stick :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking through the pad hacking thread I see that the playstation pads have 3.3v and it might be enough for the P360 according to Toodles.

This image shows where the 3.3v is located on a PSX board.

Get a multi meter, plug in your pad and turn on the console. Check your pad at the same location as shown on the above pic and see if you have voltage.


Funny I said SFAC pad…not SFAE stick! But it is ironic that i have one but it aint mind. Fixing one up for a friend.

Well anyway, i dont know where id get a meter from!?lol But anyway, if I remember correctly from that thread the xbox street fighter pad have like 5v but im not sure if its the same for the ps2 ed.:sweat:

You can get a multi meter at radio shack. I imagine home improvement type joints would have them too.

cool…i was atleast hoping someone would have known this answer by now. Seeing as that pad been out for quite sometime.