SFAC pads+PCB questions

I wired a Guile pad to a stick for xbox, it worked great (thanks to whoever posted that pic of the solder points!)

Does the PS2 version of the AC pads have the exact same solder points, or are they different? If different does anyone have a pic?

Also, how do the SFAC pads work with converters, are they just as good as the Dualshock in you guys’ experience? I have some dualshocks too, but if the SFAC pads are cheap I should pick them up for hacking purposes, cus the xbox one literally I could do in a few minutes the contact points are so huuuuge.

Well since their official pads, im sure they do well with converters.

I’ve heard lots of third party pads have issues with converters. Anyone have first hand experience?

I’ve used the PS2 ones with a generic USB adapter and the Radioshack one and they both worked fine with it.

I have a whole box or coverters that I went through (100’s of $$) to try and find one that work well with the SFAC PS2 pads on the xbox. There are only two. The magicbox and the X-Joybox 2003.

THe magic box is hard to find. The x-joybox is all over ebay. Hope this helps.

PS. Some say the dreambox works but I have never used it.

I tried an SFAE Ken pad with a Radioshack PSX to USB converter and it lagged like hell.

I never got a chance to try it with converters cept on my pc, i fried the pcb the day after. :sweat:

WIMP, just figure out the points yourself :). There’s a 2000 (2-3) page guide in the essential joystick thread on how to figure out where the points are complete with poorly drawn pictures. Trust me, it’s not hard.

Whats the point, the soder points are so obvious…i figure it out the second i open the pad. As far the xbox i dont know, cause i just brought two of those pads but i own a 360 so yea…ill never get the chance to find out.lol :lol:

A friend of mine has a stick wired to a sfac pad for ps2 and it wont work on the magicbox for xbox…it freaks out on him.

it works derek john always uses it

really last time we tried it was freaking out on the character select screen…