SFAC pcb ground problem

Hi been lurking for a few days and just recieved a SFAC stick problem is all buttons and stick are grounded when using the origional pcb. I disconnected everything and bodged a series A hack into it and evrything works fine so its not the buttons or stick i dont have a playstation to test on at the mo but it happens with two differrent usb adapters that have had no trouble with any ps2/psx pads sticks other than this one. I had a similer problem with a Ultimate fighting stick i put a hack into and found this was solved by disconnectin the LEDs but cannot find where the continuation is in this one any help would be much appreciated as i would prefer not to use another hack in this if i can just snip or scrape a bit of the pcb.

Ok tested on ps2 today and it worked fine so i need another psx to pc adapter :sad: buttons on hold untill i find one that works