SFAC (PS2) and SFAA.......recently re-printed?

All of a sudden, there’s been an influx of both of these games pretty much everywhere I go to shop for games: one of my local stores, GameQuestDirect (hint, hint) and even playasia, which along with everyone else had neither of them in stock just months earlier. Yeah, SFAA has been easier to find considering it was released just two years back, but SFAC had been out of print for years and now its back in full force, even cheaper in some places like GQD and playasia.

Think this was a recent re-print (on Capcom or perhaps GQD’s behalf), or just back stock?

Its called marketing

IE Xenosaga II out of p[rint but when Xenosaga III game out Xenosaga II was reprinted for a lil while

ITs just a way to get more money outta people in light of the new SFIV game coming out soon

Yeah, I too was wondering that. I’m also mad that I overpaid for a new copy of SFAC just a couple of months ago, thinking that I had scored a “deal” seeing as it was new and that prices for new copies online were at the next-gen MSRP ($60ish). I also couldn’t find it at any GS’s around my way.

I hate when that shit happens.

What’s SFAA?

SF: Alpha Anthology

Oh nice a restock, I’m so telling everyone to buy these games as well.

good to know because ive been needing another copy of sf:ac for a whole minute.