SFAC PS2 dualshock problem

I recently modded a FS3 to a dualshock 1 H (my first mod also), and tried out SFAC but I noticed there are a lot of problems. First of all, HSF2 registered buttons on the menu screen, but when it comes to the character selection screen + the gameplay, none of the buttons work. Secondly, 3S works well but for some reason, pressing a button and another immediately after causes some delay.

So basically, it is impossible to do things like 123 geneijin with yun, or cr.lk cr.mp cr.lk xxx sa3 ken (I’m no veteran but I’ve been playing this game for years so it’s not my execution.) Yet a chain of 3 cr.lk’s will work seemlessly. I didn’t really do a good job with the wiring, but when I used my Sumoto PS2 – PS3 converter on PC it renders fine, and on Mame 3S or ST everything works perfect. I can’t take a pic because a removed all the wiring, which brings me to my second question…

I want to remove the daughterboard and wire everything directly to the main board, does anyone know the specifications (eg. the wire gauge size, the order on the ribbon) to do this?