Sfac question

Hows it going
I Have chosen to finish my stick that ive been holding off on for a while
Im ordering a Cthulhu board and 6 replacement happ buttons and ulti joystick
but i need to find out where to get replacement start and select buttons as the
holes are smaller then standard size ive checked the happ web site and cant find anywhere
Any ideas


as i sayed i already checked the web site

So take a (1 1/8th)1.18 and make a hole? for a 30mm? and just plop a button in it? No idea why you’d ever need to replace a happ start/select.

Also you have checked the obvious correct? LizardLick etc?

no it wasnt a happ button just some cheap chinese clone and the reason why is because ive gutted it and i dont know what i did with those two buttons because the almost all the buttons were not working when i had it

Got button measurements on the hole? 24mm/30mm?

i cant find my ruler right now
the normal button holes are 30mm
these are smaller so they might be 24mm
the hole is just a little bit bigger then a quarter

A lot of people just leave those two buttons alone, as it’s not a normal US arcade part size. Your start/select buttons don’t really need to be arcade perfect anyway.

Also, I really recommend you use a competition stick over an ultimate. The overwhelming majority of people who use American parts for Street Fighter prefer the competitions.

I finished modding mine last night. I also would like to know if there are replaceable buttons for that size. When un plugging the QD’s on the buttons, bot of mine broke. I am currently using 2 24mm hori buttons from a T5 stick. They work, but i’d prefer a different button… any ideas?

i measured it and it seemes it is 26mm does anyone know of there being 26mm buttons?

This site use to sell 26mm pushbuttons http://www.arcadespareparts.com, didnt look to see if they did or not anymore

However isnt it 24mm push buttons range to 28mm and 28mm ranges to 30mm, So won’t a 24 work in a 26.



One of those is probably the exact same thing that was in it to begin with. Sucks that you have to order a minimum of $200, but it can’t hurt to ask.

Try looking around non-arcade related sites. A pushbutton is a pushbutton as far as start/select goes. I bet you could go down to radio shack or autozone and find something that works.

Do not order from that site, there’s other alternatives, Not including that button looks like shit.

  1. Order a comp.
  2. MrMoon stop posting. Please, for the love of god, stop making stupid posts.
  3. Take ruler, measure. If 24mm, get Sanwa/Seimetsu screwin. If different size, report back with information.

a 24mm screw in seimitsu/sanwa won’t work. the top panel is to thick. My 24mm Hori snaps in and holds tight. I need to find two cheap snap in’s because these hori ones suck.

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  3. He did measure i already told him to do that.
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Flaming shit on SRK Gets old mods need to go to work on this shit.

from what ive read on here and on http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=144741
the only option i have is to get a 24mm sanwa pushbutton

do i need anything else i have wire

Yea like i was saying about the 24mm to 28mm, Anyways goodluck! :smiley:


Surprised no one suggested this, but aren’t crown buttons 28mm http://www.etokki.com/ArcadeButtons/Crown%20CWB203A%20Black

Pretty sure they are, Because i remember in the mayflash mod thread everyone suggested these 28mm’s as a alternative to dremmeling the holes open