SFAC stick issue!

Hello everyone:

 OK... I bought two refurbished SFAC sticks from Nubytech:lovin: , around 6 months ago, and they are exactly the same outside. Also, I bought two smart joy 2 plus adapters for my Dreamcast :wgrin: (It goes from PS2 to DC). Anyway, the thing is that only one of my sticks works with the DC adapter, while the other one doesn't:wonder: :wonder: , so I decided to buy a different adapter. I tried Total control 1 plus (or something like that), and it happend the same thing, it didn't work:wonder: :wonder: . Then I decided to try it with my PS2-USB adaptor PC, and guess what...? IT WORKED VERY WELL... So then I disarm the boxes of both sticks and then I see a different chips inside of the boxes, the place all the cables plug in, one is slihgthly bigger and different than the other. So my question is...:sweat: 

HOW CAN I FIX THIS:wonder: :wonder: ?


As usual, thanks in ADVAnCE:wgrin:

They changed, later SFAC stick PCB was different from the initial ones. Not much you can do, as I doubt Nuby would be willing to open sticks and find the PCB setup you want. Maybe try the trading post and see if someone’ll make a switch with you.

MMhhh do you know if there is webpage with that kind of Info?