Sfac,stick prblem

was-up my peeps… i have a friend who owns one of those sfac sticks and after playing with the stick for almost a year we went to play some casuals and stick didn’t recognize anything, no start,no up down no nothing he told me that th stick has been acting like that for the past few months but he usually connect and disconnect the stick around 50 times until the stick recognizes again… but that afternoon the stick didn’t recognize at all, and still not working, has anybody encounter this same problem…? if so what is the solution… btw the stick hasn’t been mod at all. any help we’ll be aprecciated.

Only solution that would work for sure, is replace the PCB, and rewire it.

I would do just what pc1x1 said and replace the PCB. I also have 2 of those joysticks. I replaced them with happ parts and PS1 dual shock PCB boards, it does wonders.

hey im want to know if modding the st ick with happ compet stick would be easy ive never modded a stick, but all you need to do is wrench and re arrange ?