SFAC stick

I need help taking out the black buttons and use them to replace the other buttons, and i have no clue what i need and how to do it


hope that helps.

thats confusing, i dont want to replace anything but 2 buttons

jeez, so dont follow the whole thing and replace the two buttons.

I told you im totally clueless, i dont know whats steps are necessary, i dont want to do a step that i dont need.

heres your new guide then its everything you need.
its really simple honestly
pop open the stick

unplug the wires from the two buttons you want to change

take out the two buttons

install your new two buttons

crimp the wires with new disconnects (or you can solder)

re crimp the ground wire

wire accordingly

Just do the steps on that website that involve only the buttons o_O

God damn, this is too complicated, thanks anyways

This is as easy as it’ll get. If you don’t want to crimp the wires, u can solder them on.

hahaha lol @ this thread

Ive gotten the stick open but it looks like the wires plugged to the buttons are also connected with the other buttons.

lol with kabal

After some trial and error with the wires and help from my dad, mission complete.


2 black buttons, do you mean the Start/Select?? Leave those alone!

For start/select purposes, they do their jobs perfectly fine. Also you probably will not be able to find arcade quality buttons that size to fit the holes.

sigh at the thread…