SFAE stick: If the rubber strip that holds the plastic panel to the box broke

where could I buy a new one for the Nubytech Street Fighter Anniversary Edition stick?

pic: http://www.geocities.com/fsgamer/SFsticks01.jpg

It’s that strip that wraps around the box.

That’s referred to as t-molding. I haven’t bought it before so I can’t help aside from that. I did a quick Google search and looks like there’s a few stores that sell it.

Out of curiosity, how did it break? Was it cut it or did it tear or?

this was a while back when I put the t-molding on when doing further modding on my stick. A piece of it got stuck into the box and it did get torn apart that way. It still stays in, but I need to do some mods again meaning that the t-mold will have to come off again and this time I won’t be able to put it back on.

So I would like to get a new one. Could you link me to some sites that sell that kind of size, Kyle? Or tell me what size I need to find?

Thanks for the help.

Huh, I was actually thinking about this the other day, I have a SFAE here I want to mod, and I was interest in replacing the molding. I found t-molding.com doing a google search, anyone know if they’re reputable?

yeah, peeled it off just now. It’ll be a pain to put back in. I’d rather buy a new one.

The T-molding on mine (and yours too) measures just shy of 3/4" - it’s 11/16"

So I don’t know the practical applications of T-molding - maybe ordering 3/4" T-molding will net you something that actually measures 11/16" If you’re looking for some, www.mameroom.com has some on their site as well.

BTW - are the sticks pictured modded with Happ competition buttons? Are the Start/Select buttons the stock ones?


I have purchased from t-molding.com. Everything was smooth sailing. They even sent me a bunch of different color samples, about 5" long each. The molding I got from them would not wrap around the plexi like the molding that comes on the SFAE stick though. It is also not pliable(i.e. rubber like). It is more like plastic.

That’s not my picture. I just used it as a bad example :confused:

If you would like, I can post a picture of mine up, no problem.
The start and select buttons look like stocks though.

What did you end up doing then? Also what size did you order?

I took a picture. Maybe I do not have to buy a new T-mold after all. It’s still attached, I just need to glue or use some kind of adhesive to keep that piece attached to the strip somehow.

Does anyone have some recommendations?