SFAE Stick/Inpin Converter $85

Yep that includes shipping.

Ok so in attempt to get this sale out I’m adding SFAE PS2 with the bundle…so you get the SFAE Stick/ Inpin Converter/ and SFAE for the PS2 all for $90 includes shipping. Someone get this!
EDIT: Got some pictures up sorry about the low quality but it’s all I got to work with.

The only damage to the stick is in the last picture besides that the stick is in great condition.

Anyone who can meet up locally can get this for $75


Edited original post with pictures and slight price change.

Uodated OP with local pickup price.

u should put where you are from

I am in SoCal

Price drop.

Added bonus to the bundle. SFAE for the PS2 if you buy this bundle.

SFAE Stick PS2/Xbox
Inpin Converter PS2-USB
SFAE PS2 Game SF3:3s/ST

Thanks for looking!

I’ll take it!

I’ll take it if internal doesn’t.