SFAE stick mod problems

I was modding my SFAE stick following the arcadestickmonks guide and when I finished it I tested it out on my PS2 but none of the buttons are being registered. any clue to what can be the problem and how can I fix this.

any help is greatly appreciated

Is the joystick working?

If it is working, did you crimp the new disconnects well enough? Maybe you could try recrimping them disconnects.

Did you daisy chain the ground wire?

A picture of the insides of your stick might help.

can you take a picture of the wiring. it might help a little bit.

well the only thing that works on the stick is the select button and the stick it self. and the things that doesn’t work are the 6 action buttons and start button. I saw daisy chain in the tutorial but I couldn’t figure it out. I looked it up on wiki but it was just flowers. well heres the pics of the wiring

my ground wires are black

Connect your ground wires to the the top like you did on the stick.

actually unplug a working ground (say select or a direction)
rub the tip of the qd with all the “action” qds to make sure its a grounding problem
ie. rub the select qd tip against the HK qd and see if HK comes out.
do this to every bottom, if it all comes out fine its definitely a ground problem.

grounding wire starts off at stick correct?
then goes to
then buttons?

if thats correct there a problem in the chain from the select to the start
check both qds to make sure they’re wired correctly and recrimp the start qd.

Thats how it usually should go with cherry switches.

why do u have the same stick in there :S

Yea you just have the grounds in the wrong place like everyone is saying. easy fix.

thanks guys its was just wrong placement of ground wires. but I still can’t get the start button to work but I can live with that. and about having the same stick the guy I did this for didn’t want to replace the stick, he says hes fine with the stock stick for some reason

ew, that stock stick looks like stocked shit. I tryin to mod one now for a friend but sadly his brother drop the stick one day and strip the cheap ass wood so the joystick came off. Sadly i had to put to mount my wico stick in by putting holes in the lexan to put the stick in. Wasw there anything else i could have did, or was that the only choice.

Sorry to change yo post. maybe you shoulod try a better pcb. Or just recheck your wiring