SFAE Stick with Sanwa Parts

I’ve had the SFAE stick for awhile now and am getting pretty sick of the stock parts. I’ve seen the ArcadeStickMonk tutorial for modding with Happ parts, but I would much prefer Sanwa.

Has anyone else done this mod?
Is it basically the same as modding with Happ?
Will a sanwa stick even fit properly?

Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!

same thing that supra fist did although he just did a sanwa stick

as for the buttons youd have the make the holes bigger and blahbalh

I love the ryu/sagat comic artwork on that one.

You’re sure I’d have to make the holes bigger for Sanwa buttons?
Are sanwa and Happs buttons not the same size?

Not the same size, Sanwa buttons require a slightly bigger hole (30 mm).

From what I’ve seen Happ Buttons are 28mm, whereas the standard for Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons is 30mm, Sanwa do make a 24mm for start buttons, but obviously that’d be too small for the hole.

You can put them in there, but it’s a REALLY tight fit.

How would one go about fitting the stick in?

the buttons would stay depressed if you tried to fit them in like that…

Hm…getting some mixed responses here.
Thanks for your help, but please state whether or not you’ve actually done the mod, or if you’re just guessing. I’d hate to spend money shipping sanwas over when they don’t fit! Would making the holes bigger be very difficult, or are the holes too close together for the buttons to fit anyways?

Hey soap,

I’ve modded one of these sticks with seimitsu stick and buttons.

Seimitsus were screw in and they fit perfectly. sanwa screwin are the same size so they will fit.

I’m in Australia and we got 30mm holes for the buttons so didn’t have to touch the drill press. Don’t know what the yanks got with regards to hole diameters.

I’m guessing their holes are slightly tighter. :wgrin:

My seimitsu was top mounted with a portable router. I glued the metal plate in place with a glue/hardner and the joystick was sweet.

use happ comp buttons just because they fit better. as for the stick, you can pretty much put anything in there.

Are those the comp buttons you used in this picture? (the one m4sh posted a little earlier)

thats correct. i also took out the japanese stick and replaced it witht eh happ stick as it’s actually more comfortable wioth that layout. so it’s basically up to you. but it does feel weird have the japanese stick, and all that surface area and plexi.

they look like happ’s

Alright well thanks very much for the responses!

I definitly want a sanwa stick…and I dont think I want to place two separate orders.

So here’s hoping for the best!

sorry to bring back an old thread, but was there any modifying of the panel for the sanwa stick?


I’m not sure what the thickness of the top panel is, but to be properly mounted, a Sanwa should be mounted 9mm under the control surface. (Many seem to ignore this when modding.) Some modification might be needed to achieve proper depth, but I don’t know from experience.

Mega bump.

I might try this mod.

I’m pretty sure I’ll know what I’ll be doing as far as mounting goes, but does anyone know how one would go about wiring it up?

The old wires are connected with quick disconnects, so you’d just put those on the new buttons. If they fit - someone else will know. It doesn’t matter which side of the button you connect the wires to.
For the stick, I think splicing the wires would probably work.