SFCCL Season 2 (online PS3 league)

The SFCCL Season 2 begins on Monday, June 28th.

Please visit the new website, blog, and signup page: http://sfccl.weebly.com/index.html

Be sure to watch the ‘SFCCL Season 2 Preview’ video for the 40 members invited back!

I’m in, waiting list or otherwise. I’ll respect whatever decision you do make. Have at you.

got my invite

I got my KOF SFCCl invite today i was hyped !

hey longhorn its ND2130
Just a heads up on a little situation i have concerning my ability to play. I’ve been without a ps3 for about a month now and probably can’t get one for another week or two. I talked to sony about getting the yellow ring but they are asking for a 150 dollars and i said no, i might as well get a new one. Anyways if sony doesnt reset my password for my current PSN account (ND2130) i will have to make a new account. One thing is for sure though i will get my new ps3 before the season starts. I did however see the trailer for the new season and thank you for the invite which i humbly accept.

SFCCL get hype people

Im Dropping Sagot and picking up Ibuki anyone else??

If we still have two fighters then I will have T Hawk as my 2nd. But I play him more often than Balrog at the moment. But no change to my main at the moment. Thanks for the invite SAL. :tup:

Yeah i was very happy i got my invite. My mains staying too cant get rid of the bison.

My secondary is juri and will hopefully not change this year :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been in Canada for a week hope I made the cut

Wow great video preview i really appreciate all the work you put into this league.

Also a heads up on the new site layout i believe the the season 1 final standings is in a white font.

Just so you know there is an “Edit Post” button so you can add things to posts or change them. This is there so you don’t have to double, let alone triple post. It is considered bad form or bad forum etiquette to repeatedly post 1 after the other for no reason. It’s not that big a deal to me, but just FYI so you don’t tick off others in a different thread. Double post is ok sometimes if you change subjects or want to make a point. But triple post is kind of unnecessary.

Im a football player and a enforcer in college hockey I Specialize is pissing people off here is my proof
But I am very very sorry for tripple posting it wont happen again:pray:

Funny. :lol:

Good stuff Sal.

I think I will start the new season off with Ken & Guy. Might bring back Lord Bison eventually, but want to see what I can do with Guy for a bit.

What exactly determines a “hot match?”

Haduken 3
Rufus Balrog

I am definately going to get in on this. Signing up with Guile and or Maybe guy depending.

Wow, lots to reply to here.

You’re on the WAITING LIST, Ripper. I will post the first-ever WAITING LIST on Friday along with a new update.

Hope to have both you and your brother back, FLASHFAN. Be sure you both signup via the website form as the information gathered will be posted for all members to reference to know when is the best time to play each member (location, time, etc).

Your spots in the league are locked even without it, but the info will be most helpful.

Got your submittal, ND. Welcome back! Good luck getting your account back. Let me know if you do have to change your PSN screen name. Too bad about not bring back your Sagat, as he was one of the Final 4 in the SB tournament.

Be sure to ‘officially’ signup via the SFCCL website as the info you provide will help other members setup a time to play your matches.

Got your submittal, ANAKIN. Welcome back bro! Good luck with Juri as she is pretty cool.

Thanx for the positive feedback. Seems like the video is working well on several fronts.

Thanx for your submittal as well, HADUKEN. And I’ll fix the font on the Season 1 Final Rankings. i’d spent a week working on the site simply changing the font color as I switched from a dark background to a light background.

Be sure to ‘officially’ signup using the signup page on the SFCCL website. I’m hoping to gather useful info from each member that I can then post for other’s to read & know when is the best time to play you when we begin. But you’re spot is secure! Welcome back, CC.

The ‘Hot Match’ is new to this season. Full details on the RULES page, but it was put in place to help the best members/fighters quickly rise up the rankings & divisions. Last year, it would take about 7 weeks to reach the division champ if you began at #15. Now, it will take no more than 4 weeks if you win your matches. The jump in ranking for the winning fighter in the (8v9) and (14vs15) matches is larger than normal. The (2v3) match could be considered a HOT MATCH as well, but not really. It will always be the (8v9) and (14v15) matches in every division. More info in my next blog.

Be sure to signup via the signup form to be placed on the WAITING LIST. That is the correct way to signup from now.

Ok. I officially signed up through the website. But I didn’t see a place for SRK name. Anyways, I’m ready.

Unfortunately, with a free Weebly account, I’m limited to only 5 fields of info. If I upgrade to Weebly Pro, then I may add more. That is still on the table.

I signed up too Sal, let me know if you got it.

For people in the Southwest area of the USA we try to have a weekly sparring session on PSN. Only for Southwest people since we want everyone in close proximity to reduce lag.