SFCCL Season 2 (online PS3 league)

Got it! Thanx.

Sounds like fun. I’ll try to make it.

Im gona take a chance here but if it isnt too much trouble could i swap bison for adon i fancy abit of a change. If it causes problems then it doesnt matter.

Not a problem. So you want to go with Adon & Juri? I may do the same, as Bison & Ken are my best 2 characters, but I wouldn’t mind seeing what I can do with Fei Long, Dudley, or a couple of others in league play.

I’ll address more in detail how Week 1 rankings will work, but everyone in the Top 40 is free to choose or change their characters. After Week 1 matches, there will be a penalty in changing fighters.

Friday preview blog #2 posted: http://sfccl.weebly.com/blog.html

Yep just to confirm i wonna use adon and juri.

I like the first batch of 40 members based on Comp %. It is definitely the most fair way to do it.

I hadn’t been on PS3 for a while, glad I dropped in here to see the season is starting! I have submitted my info through the website as well.

When a spot opens up we should put people through the new tournament mode in order to earn it. lol prolly the first on the waiting should go but it would be cool to make um sweat for it.

The only problem with that is my overall gripe with the Tournament Mode - everyone has to be online at the same time. I do have a plan in case the Waiting List gets too long, and it bascially ‘trains’ the players wanting to join to contact their opponents before joining the league. We may expand the league shortly after beginning play.

New blog:
Season 2 Details

wow nice work, and hell yes I want a shirt.

Cant wait for the start of the season ya’ll have to go easy on me though as im using a stick now after playing with a pad since sf2 and it just doesnt feel right :).

SF2 had pads? I never saw an arcade that wasn’t stick. You must mean “since SNES”. Or “since HDR”.

i like the shirts but maybe we can have our psn names and highest rank somewhere on there 2 idk i think it might make it harder but it would be cool to have, and deltron2020 is definitly in, he has just been having internet issues that should be resolved soon, but i can tell you that he has asked me to tell you that he is in

Yeah that.

Thanx for the update. I was starting to worry about him. Do me a favor and ask him to complete the signup form if he can. Or if you can get his info to me, I’d appreciate it. He used Ryu and Rufus last year.

As for the tshirt idea, the highest rank would be very cool, but that is something that will probably change. So it could make your shirt outdated very quickly. I have gotten 3 interested replies so far.

maybe brawl result and i will talk to him tomorrow and let you know what i can do, i think he is going to change one of those if not both but i will update you tomorrow :smiley:

Final pre-season Friday blog postponed until tommorrow. Currently working on the final roster of 40 members, as 4 members invited back are not returning. Invites extended to the next 24 members from last season to fill in the open spots. Players from the Waiting List will taken this weekend if the 24 don’t respond.


Season 2 “unofficially” begun!
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Major announcement for WAITING LIST players on Monday.

Rankings, seem acceptable. GL to all. T Hawk is comin! :smile: