SFCCL Season 2 (online PS3 league)

sweet i got long wait for me but should be fun

Lol my juri’s got abit of climbing to do but should be ok i hope. Great first match for my adon cloud’s rufus GULP!!! Time to get on ssf4 non stop till monday me’s thinks.

Full details coming tomorrow, but the WAITING LIST will be in full action starting Monday. Basically, your contacting & playing other players on the Waiting List will get you into a brand new division coming in Week 2.

Good luck to all! CORRIDORS and I played the first match of the season yesterday, and I lost in the 5th round of the 3rd match. Great match tho

Quick question, it says i’m playing Deltron’s Rufus in the schedule. But in the rankings he is listed as playing with C Viper.

You are correct sir. Made an error with postings. Website corrected: Deltron202 C. VIPER vs. Haduken3 RUFUS

Lost to CCinone Ken 2-1 pretty good match a lil laggy ill try to get the video up later

week 1

CCiNOone (Ken) 2 - Haduken3 (Rog) 1

Yeah I notice both of us dropped some links and combos. GG though man.

Whoever I’m playing, I only have free time after 6pm CST on Tu, W, Th. I know it says different on the website but it wouldn’t let be that specific. Anyway, hit me up and we can set times.

Got my butt kicked by cloud. Still waiting for other guy to accept FR.

SFCCL Season 2 Officially Begins Today!

New blog: SFCCL.weebly.com - Blog

Anyone up for a free for all match?

Three guys over at SF4forums.com are going to play each other & get 2 of the necessary 3 matches done. They only need 1 other guy, and then the 4 of you would lock in half the available spots. Contact KCILICK, MR_FLOWERS_-, & RYUMANJISEN.

thanks for the info.

beat kcilick and waiting for more challengers, add me for CAGE MATCH RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!111111111elevenone.

ranked 3rd!!! that is way to high for my skill level and i got a tough first 2 matches, zti’s cammy is first class smh and he has great blanka experience as he spars with skrface on the reg, than i got sfgodfather a proven warrior fml i wish i would have not picked honda :frowning:

Don’t worry. After a few weeks, and losses, you’ll settle into your proper place. At least you start high and don’t have to work your way up.

Is it too late to sign up for this or will I just be put on a waiting list? cause a waiting list would be fine with me.

Haduken3 (Rufus) 2 - Deltron2020 (C.Viper) 1 : Man is a beast

beat sixsoldier, one to go