SFCCL Season 3 (PS3 Online League)

Welcome to Season 3 of the SFCCL

SFCCL Season 3 Launch: New Website Layout

This is the new SFCCL thread for Season 3.

Site looks great, good job D.

I am kind of shocked I am the only person from NY. When I get on PSN this weekend I will start to add everyone in my division. I’ll be honest, I grabbed a Xbox today for online. Most of the people I play with off-line have been pressing me to get it so we can play with less lag online. Anybody from the league who has both can add me for some sessions:

Looking forward to the new season!

Also D, would you be willing to just move up SB3 if we end up finishing the season early instead of adding more games?

When I saw my name next to Cody, I was like ‘FUCK YEAH!’

What really made me say FUCK YEAH was when I saw I was the 40th Ranked Cody on the PSN. That’s really something. Hey Longhorn, how do you check rankings?

Hey Longhorn, You need to tell Cuby to delete some friends, I can’t add him.

'Send him a PSN message, and tell him you can’t send him a FR since his list is full. I’m sure others wil have the same problem.

Sure, but I’ll probably get a majority to see if we move up Super Brawl III or add more matches. Perhaps some fighters from the other division.

Go to Network _> Rankings -> Sort by Friends and North America, and then switcho character Battle Points.

Sal I lost both of my matches (Dhalsim vs Juri and Vega vs Gouken) to alfredurst.

Here are the Dhalsim vs Juri matches.

Here are the Vega vs Gouken.

Beat Alfredurst with both characters.

Thanx for the rsults and videos, TROY. I’ll add the videos to the site for everyone.

Thanx for the results, MAN, and congrats on the wins. 2-0 with both fighters now.


I played xx_von_xx…ggs.:tup: Won the Cammy vs. Mokoto match 2-0 but lost the Rose vs. Ken match 0-2. I’ll try to post the vids later today but various computer issues might stop me.

I was supposed to get AE on ps3 thursday but it said my password was incorrect to get into my billing info and there reset password is down for the PSN network. So I wont be able to play any matches until they let me buy the DLC for AE. SHatty

UPDATE: Magically remembered my password so I should be able to beat up Milkman now


Beat Troyland and Chidori. Though you’re my buddy and former tag team partner, It’ll take a pause for 10 minutes. DOOOO THE DEWWWWW! PPV STatus SupER CLAss!!!

Thanx for the results guys. Western Conference is very active compared to the Eastern onference (17 vs 1 matches complete)

Ya’ll need to share replays with each other. SAL, we going to have special events or anything like that? I’m telling you Haduken3 and I are bonafide PPV match up right there!

split matches with Von, won with Bison lost with Adon.

Yea, check the schedule for the season. WAR GAMES is schduled for next month, and we will have an event in September and October.

Thanx for the results. VON and MANWITHNOARMS are leading the Western Confer divisions so far.

Hey SAL, I don’t have SSF4AE, but do you think I can still join the league and use the original SSF4 characters? If so, I would love to join, but if not thats’ cool too.

Finally was able to upload these replays. I f’n hate computers…

Cammy vs. Makoto 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGJoemDOPjE
Cammy vs. Makoto 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqw2f_M9ct8
Rose vs. Ken 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwzJ8pv71PM
Rose vs. Ken 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0aUKhr_eKQ

We need to start selling tickets for our fight.

Ok I bought AE DLC but now I lost my Super Street Fighter disc. Hopefully its around my house and I can find it tonight.