SFCCL Season 3 (PS3 Online League)

Should bought SSFIV:AE disc instead and save you a whole lot of trouble.

Sorry, BLAZE. Enrollment is closed for the season. Only 30 spots available this season and all are playing AE.

Thanx for the vids, ZTI. Congrats on the win with Cammy. Its probably going to be a battle between you, MANWITHNOARMS2 and XX_VON_XX at the top of the Western divisions.

So how many wins automatically clinches a playoff spot? Von and I are getting close to 10.

Hard to say right now, but its safe to assume you will both be highly ranked for the tournament.

SFCCL Super Brawl II Grand Champion: Cravin456 RYU

Ill be on tonight if anyone wants a whoopin bout the take the top spot in the west. Holla

SFCCL European Region Now Open for Business!

Hey Longhorn, sorry I’m not as active, I just got internet at the apartment I’m staying at currently today. Gonna try and fight who I can.

No problem. We got plenty of time. Two weeks have passed but we still got another 16 weeks

Speaking of Activity, I faced up against Nom Nom earlier. I have replays, but no way to upload them. Or there’s a feature that does that and I don’t know it. Anyway, Juri got crushed by Cody 2-0, With 6 Straight Wins, but my Guy was Lack Luster, and lost out to Ibuki 1-2.

Hey, maybe some of the west coast guys can jump start the east coast because, you know, they aren’t playing? WTF is going on over there? Doesn’t matter, whoever wins the west wins the league. We DO THE DEW!

Beat DJ c-4 both characters. Hungry for more.

Thanx for the results, SMOOTH. Congrats on the win.

I am getting a Dazzle today to record my matches better since my EasyCap doesn’t work well with Windows 7. I believe you can open a channel for viewing your replays. Just select all the replays for your matches (if you saved them) and then choose them when you open your channel. Then, friends can view them. The only thing I am not sure is if you have to be there or online for the channel to stay open.

If anyone knows, let me know. This was how I understood how the new sharing replays worked. I can then record more matches and post them to the site.

I sent a PSN message and email to all the East Coast guys. Some replied but most are still quiet. Perhaps they are practicing. Who knows but I will keep perstering them if they don’t play soon. At least one match.

Thanx for the results, and congrats on the wins, HADUKEN. Good to see you playing.

Beat Dr Rouse, Achilles, Marcopolo, both characters. Will have replays soon. Love the new format. At first I wasn’t sure if it would work becuase it was hard enough to play some people when you had two weeks to find them. But this is nice just check your friends list send invites to whoever. Was able to play three games tonight could of been 4 but i missed Von on my way out to the movies. We need to figure out what to do when we finish all our games though. The west is flying through them.

Congrats on all the wins, HADUKEN. Everyone seems to like the new format which is cool. With the West playing so much thankfully, we can always add more matches to extend the season to November. MAN and VON are really playing alot, but they may also need to as their schedules get more hectic later. If more matches get added (perhaps against the fighters in the other division), everyone would have more matches added. For that to happen, everyone has to be playing.

Sorry we didn’t play last nite as I was messing around with my new Dazzle recording device. Got it to record easy enough, but can’t figure out why it uploads to YouTube smaller than 16:9. Also, can’t get Pinnacle Studio 12 to work with Windows 7.

Longhorn, are you on right now? I can show you the replays if you’d like.

Not a problem we are pretty much on at the same time so I’m sure we will meet up soon.

GGs last nite, HADUKEN. We had some great matches. I was surprised I won the first set with Fei Long vs Rufus. But you came back strong the next 6 rounds.

Played 3 opponents last night and went 3-3 overall. o_O
I’ll post videos of all the matches by tomorrow. Still trying to get the Dazzle and Win7 to work properly.

GGS Sal very Nice Matches. I also split with Von last night. Won with Rufus lost with Cammy and beat shoryuken both characters and beat marcopolo both characters


Wow, thanx for the vids and results.

I think Vons Ken is the best individual single character in the league right now. Yeah, I said it. I also beat Shoryuken and I’m down to my last four games which I should get down to soon. West conference is about ready to have some clinching spots right now.