SFEX match thread

Hopefully this is ok. Since regular mame does not support netplay, and the regular version of mame that has netplay is too old to play these games. I found a new version that does have the series and supports netplay. Mame32 More, and EK-MAMEPlus.

So if you are interested in some netplay with these or other new 3D games, those would be the emulators to look for.

That said, I’m using EK-MAMEPlus v092u2, hope to see some of you on there.

I would play ya if ek mame would run it a little more faster. Maybe its my computer or something but i cant play sfaex very well on it. If only Zinc had netplay, then that would be a different sroty. oh well.

yea, well ek-mame is based on mame which is more geared towards more “accurate” emulation. While zinc is more about speed (even though it still takes a decent computer with good settings for it to run at full speed). But yea, zinc frontend had a netplay with the old winterblast plug-in for kaillera. Problem was, is that it’d never actually start the game :-\

So yea, unfortunately its ek-mame or mame32 more or nothing,

well too all I’m free tonight, so post in here if you wanna play, and tomorrow night as well.

I can play EX but i have a hacked version of mame 0.90.
It has all the latest games and the compatibility is great.

damn just saw that post, oh well, hit me up on aim if you’re still interested.