SFEX side tournaments

Same as at MWC cept entry is only 1 dollar and it’ll be on console (not driving a cabinet 1500 miles for evo sorry lol).

SFEX+a (PSX): $1
Best of 3 matches on 3 round matches.
SFEX2+ (PSX): $1
Best of 3 matches on 3 round matches.
SFEX3 (PS2): $1
Best of 3 matches
Ace is not banned, come in with whatever set up you want. Even Seth-lite if you want.
All other settings are on default (timer, damage).

Will try and record as many matches as possible and host on youtube.

Sign up here and lets have some fun in a few weeks.


Probably try and start it on friday afternoon depending on when players are available (if anyone decides to sign up), and go from one to another. But may carry over to saturday and sunday if need be.

Ill play and win with basics.

I’m playing on pad this time, it won’t be as easy :P.

ok not to come across as stupid >.> but for ps2/3 or…? also if we do want to sign up do we just show up waving a dollar or pm or just post it?

it’ll be on ps2 so no lag from the PS3 playing PSX/Ps2 games to worry about.

At this point no one signed up, and I’m leaving tomorrow. So whenever I lose in my pools in SF4 and HDR I’ll set it up, just find the VCR/laptop/PS2/usb dazzle combo having SFEX on it and your set. Just bring the dollar then and I’ll put it in the envelopes.

should be that set up unless evo has spare TVs for the BYOC section… I don’t know since its my first time at evo.