SFEX3: Ace (Customized)

I’ve not seen anything about Ace from the Character Edit mode of SF EX, so here’s a thread… I suppose in some ways he’s similar to Cycloids ? and ? from the original, but anyway, what strategies and combos do people suggest?

Are there many moves besides the Shoryuken and Fairy Gift that gain new abilities when they are powered up to level 3 with gameplay?

With up to 38 specials and supers to choose from, there’s obviously a huge range of variety in styles. I guess a lot of it (ie the choice of moves to equip) depends on personal preference (duh), but where do people generally start?

I’m tempted to use SPD with a projectile such as Sonic boom… Is there an obvious 3rd move I should pick to balance out and avoid any weeknesses?

Post your Ace stories here…

Well, on the subject of 3* upgrades, I just found another FAQ that lists the following:[list]
[]Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku (can be done in air)
]Rolling Attack (can be done in air)
[]Hadoken (can be done in air)
]Fairy Gift (can be done in air)
[*]Shouryuken (Jab can juggle)
I wonder if this list is exhaustive? Since you’d have to complete the game at least twice doing the same move again and again just to find out, I don’t feel like trying any others (especially meteors!), but I’m guessing one of the super fireballs or grabs might develop air?

With a little help from beelzebubble, I’ve got some translations of some Japanese pages… To my knowledge, some of the following has never been available in English before. So, here are some more moves that actually change (beyond just increased damage) when you increase the number of stars:[list]
[]Aerial Drill Press (can be done at low altitude and the recovery on landing gets lessened)
]Hundred Legs (becomes the same efficiency as the original special skill)
[]Thousand Legs (the invincibility continues until the attack hits)
]Zenpo Tenshin Roll (starting invincibility becomes longer)
[]Aragyouji (keep the button pressed and you can charge up the headbutt after the throw)
]Denjin Hadoken (charges quicker if you waggle the joystick) TAME/GACHA[/list]
Do any of these abilities create any decent new combo possibilites?

Ace is broken for one reason: Max-level dragon punch.

If you do the motion, and press Jab IMMEDIATELY upon reaching the d/f position it’ll launch them and allow you to perform any followup. It’s just like doing EWGF in Tekken.

If you’re good enough, you can just keep doing this uber DP for an infinite combo. Kills them in 12 hits I believe.

BTW, he has another infinite too: c.MP XX Lightning Legs. Cycloid Gamma had a similar one in EX+(@), and Chun-Li has had this in every EX game. It is extremely difficult to perform, though.


Well, yeah, but unlike your standard multicharacter A3 infinite (VC setup into repeated mashed normal), this magic dragon punch ? requires continual skill to perform every hit. I’m sure it’s in the game deliberately. You need exceptional timing (and luck), especially on the speeded-up US version. I reckon you’d have to be a top10% player to be able to get more than about 4 in a row. It’s just impractical, especially considering that if you miss, you just get a jab dragon instead of a guaranteed super.

Anyway, that’s avoiding the issue: There are some players who go out of their way to try to read about all the infinites (and some of them even say they wouldn’t play a game that didn’t have them!). “If it’s in the game” and all that… Actually, somebody’s suggestion on gamefaqs for the 60-hit combo challenge was MD60! I guess that’s pretty boring.

And if you don’t want to use it, then don’t. There are 1330 ways to equip Ace’s specials, so it’s easy to pick one that doesn’t involve the magic dragon.

Or you could just have a gentleman’s agreement not to use it. Besides the other fact that some tournaments ban infinites anyway…

I just don’t think it’s that big a deal.

Anyway- is there anybody else that wants to post their Ace stuff? What collections of moves do people use? Anything to complement the two in my first post?

Well, I do know of players who are capable of doing Ace infinite…still, you are right, not the worst thing ever.

FWIW, the crew at neoavalon.com (who are the only people in the US I know of who hold EX3 tournaments) bans Ace. I don’t know exactly why, but I’d guess that it’s his customization; it makes it difficult to plan out the matchups vs. him.

So, since he is banned, I don’t use him. Nonetheless, some great info there, so thanks. =)

One suggestion…max-level Air Drill Press may give him yet another infinite. Pullum had one involving it, here it is:

c.MK xx MK Ten’el Kick xx Air Drill Press (momentary, of course…I forget if it’s MK or HK used). Repeat these three moves until they die.

With the low altitude and lessened recovery, Ace may have something easier than this. Like cancelling a j.HP into drill press, and just repeating that. I don’t know…


Anybody? I want to avoid a high-priority anti-air, since I want the character to be unique (if I wanted to use Ryu, I would have picked him). I’d go for the Triple-break if it wasn’t so lacking in damage… I guess one of my supers would have to be a multihit horizontal rushing one…

I’m still undecided about meteor combos as well… I guess they aren’t used that much in matches (taking your chance with individual supers is flexible, can do more, and doesn’t waste as much meter if it’s blocked). Here’s a quick hits/damage summary, and my comments about each. I’d love to hear some insight from others.

Denjin Hadouken: 5 32 (or 1 hit for 9 dmg without the charging, on ***). If you ask me, this is pretty pointless considering the damage. You have to stand still for ages, and even though it’s unblockable and you can sometimes land a jump-in afterwards, it still doesn’t seem worth it.

Cosmic .F.A.B.: 4 116 (no stars). Not bad actually. Not as much as Zangief’s version, but still respectable.

Nekketsu Hadoken: 1 96 (***). not massively damaging, but long range and pretty instant. Probably gets my vote as the best all-round one.

Galaxy: 5 139 (2 28 guaranteed, on no stars). One of the most pointless moves of all. With such a low success rate for the second and third phases, and hardly any chipping, the gamble just isn’t worth the risk.


I guess the two longest meteors could be used as a sneaky way to charge up a Final Turn Punch. I’ve measured it at 15 damage for the first 2 seconds, and then an extra 2 points for every second after that, up to a maximum of 96 d at 40 secs. (And after about 16 seconds, you knock them upwards instead of backwards).

So for one of the long set pieces like Denjin or CFAB, you could be cheeky and let an unexpected KKK go at the end.

One minor gripe with Ace is that I’ve not been able to find a way to save two different configurations to a memory card. A result of this is that when I choose a character with “?”, there is a random chance I’ll get Right Side Ace, who has no moves equipped. So apart from setting him up every time I turn the game on, is there another way to avoid this?

You don’t get replies because no one likes you, and everyone hates EX3 almost as much as they hate you.

Way to go.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about tag combos, and it would appear Ace is slightly better than most other characters. You obviously have the Shoot Kick as a standard special to juggle with. But there is also the Triple Break and Fairy Gift which are both very handy in setting stuff up. Or, if you can connect with a Buffalo or Aragyouji, then they can be continued with the partner as well. So what’s the best tag combo people can come up with?

Or quite possibly they havent’ checked this forum to see this specific topic. Such as myself. BRB though, when I get back I’ll post what I know.

For everyone hating EX3. Get out of your rock son. Whether you like it or not, this series has been getting more play lately. Why don’t you DL a couple videos to see if its as bad as you wish it was.

ok since I’m back now. Another couple things as using the explosive as an unblockable set up. From my understanding you throw an explosive on a downed opponent, then jump over them to cross them up as they’re getting up. If timed right the cross up and the explosive will hit at the same time on two different sides of the opponent. Thus leaving them unable to block both directions at one time.

Problem with Ace is that he doesn’t get P or K momentaries. So even if you set it up like that for Ace, he wouldn’t be able to do the k momentary for the drill press to do the infinite.

Actually… you were able charge it up without getting it up to 3 stars. Perhaps it makes it charge longer???

Wow, how did I miss this thread.

Dragon Punch
Lightning Leg

Fairy Gift
Senretsu Kyaku

Nekkestsu Hadouken

Now you have access to both infinites, the unblockable set up, and what I use as his B&B super cancels. As for the Meteor I just prefer it over the others, although he has some good block stun traps with FAB.

Another one I like using is his projectile nonsense config, some good pressure tactics.

Sonic Boom

  • Justice Fist

  • Shoryuken

  • Shoot Kick

  • Fairy Gift

  • Triple Break

  • Galaxy

The best combination of Allen & Blair for me, if you don’t want to use the Shoryuken you can change it into Sliding Arrow for example…

Okay…how the fuck do I do the last input of the Galaxy?

I can’t do the Galaxy to pass the challenge mode. Same thing with the Stun Palm o’ Doom. Magic Shoryukens are also damn hard.

I’ve been replaying this game…I really think it’s a lost gem, but the game would probably get badly broken if there was ever a tournament scene with it.

Too bad we’ll never see the Arika characters in another game…:sad:

The Galaxy is my prefered Ace Meteor combo. When you combo into it, it still does a very huge amount of damage, unlike a lot of other MC’s where the damage scales down. Once you get the timing down it’s great.

Second choice is Neketsu Hadoken, then Cosmic F.A.B.

Liking the “projectile nonsense config”. Do you have anything else similar to that? Obviously the “command grab nonsense config” would just be a faster Gief. But crazy is good…

I guess you already know the commands? For reference, they are:



As for the timing, be prepared to spend several hours in practice mode. I found I was first able to do the second motion only occasionally. Then I was able to do it more frequently. Then I finally got the third occasionally, then more frequently, and so on.



Same thing really. At the time I did that mission, I was using a DualShock2, and I configured the buttons especially… It’s a relief when you do get it…

Did I just invent Seth? Capcom should employ me as a designer!