SFGrind - Twitch.TV Background [GIVING DONATIONS!]



Hope all is well! I’m posting here tonight, because myself and several NorCal warriors have been grinding Marvel at my place. We’ve started streaming our weekend sessions on Twitch.TV and have decided to consolidate into one stream called the SFGrind. We allow players from any skill level around the area to grind out their fighting game skills through the whole weekend. We mostly play UMVC3 and SSF4:AE and talk lots of crap while doing it (in fact, we get so hype that we usually bother our neighbors and don’t archive it on Twitch.TV :D).

Now, we’ve gotten some small traction and loyal viewers, so we’re made a new Twitch.TV account and interested in having it look nice! This is where we need your help, since all of us have no artistic talent or atleast any real talent =/.

Wait a moment… Why am I making you this free artwork!?!

Don’t worry! We appreciate the hard work, since all we know is how to get hype and mash footdive. We want to offer the following for a token of our appreciation:

[]Twitch.TV SFGrind Channel Moderator - Hey you! Yeah, you on the other side of the computer. You made our v1 logo (even if we don’t use it) and deserve some love. Don’t worry, you’ll have moderator in our channel and the ability to become a homeboy with us (even if you live in Antarctica.) If there’s some stream monster pissing you off, ban his ass without any fear!
]Private access to our archives - Listen, we pop off and talk mad crap to each other but never post it anywhere. You’ll have access to it all. Even if you’re not interested in the pop-offs, steal our NorCal technology which we probably stole from another top player…
[*]Donation to 1st Place - Make something awesome and get creative. We’ll have several submissions and probably only like 1 or 2 of them. If you make something awesome, i’ll personally donate some cash to your PayPal or buy you something off Amazon.
We would highly appreciate it if the following could be made:

[]Twitch.TV Background (Here’s the template PSD: http://i.minus.com/1347429646/KwdbVJ_A_0lvK-9zYlxYbQ/dQ1Y70IAmIMRY/twitchtemplate.psd)
]Twitch.TV Avatar
[*]Youtube Template (OPTIONAL - We only want this template to be made, since we’ll be uploading real hype replays onto our YouTube account.) (PSD)
What are the requirements?:

[]Follow the Twitch.TV and YouTube templates
]If you’re interested in the donation, just make sure to have it done by this Friday, September 14 2012)
[*]Be Creative!
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out on the forum and post them! You’re helping us out massively, so let me know what I can help you out with.


NorCal Warrior