SFHD Returns to Evo2010, now what?

So the game is back for another year, how do we continue the SF2 hype and interest from last year? Who should we look out for? What should we promote? Who’s got a grudge? Lets hear it!

It would be cool for all the Denjin Ranbat crew to talk to each other and see if we can come up with a plan on carpooling to Vegas, and pitching for a hotel room or something.

I don’t mind chilling at some cheap ass hotel near Evo.

Get hype!

I’m curious if I’ll be the only sole Fei Long player at Evo (Not picking any other character)?

Hope you guys can make it!

Now I get my revenge! Wuahahahaha!!! P.S. I need a roommate :wink:

I’m down Aqua, but I’m staying at the Palace! We should totally get some casuals and show people how we roll.

(And thank god this game is back. I would have skipped Evo this year if it wasn’t.)

So mr. wizard said HDR is pretty much replacing ST, seems like HDR’s future is very strong. Hopefully the guys putting in that daily grind place well and make everyone else step up their game

I would like to see a PC release and/or a port to the next gen XBOX/PS4 systems. That way HDR will live for as long as possible online. Especially considering I’m not so lucky to live in a SF2 hotspot like California. And the cherry on the cake would be a Japanese HDR Arcade release. But yeah, HDR’s future is looking freaking awesome. = J EVO 2011 ftw.

ST will be missed but I welcome HDR and hope it had a long life in the fighting game circuit. It’s really grown on me unlike SF4 :frowning: I’ll give SSF4 a good run and with the new team battles and 6 man rooms I’m sure it will be ok but I will always play SSF2THDR it’s the best $15.00 I’ve ever spent. Over a year later and I’m still excited about every game I play and still learning new things about all the different match -ups It’s just a rock solid fun game. It’s my crack and I love it <3 :smiley:

@ Blitz an official Japanese arcade release would be so awesome I bet they would love it as much as we do if not more and really bring this game in to the spotlight again. Maybe I’ll start making cabinets and importing them myself, gonzo style lol

Any word if it is on PS3 of 360?
I’m not sure if I’ll go this year or not, but if it’s on the PS3 I probably wouldn’t enter the tourney.

Maybe since you’ll have a lot of HDR people all in one place, organize an invitational/exhibition with top players from each character playing.

Also, get out the word early to top ST Japan players to try and get them to come and play HDR at EVO.

Oh, and I’ll say it again: I think EVO needs something in the form of trophy bling.
Pro sports have their championship rings, olympics has its medals, boxing has its belts, poker has its bracelets.
By giving top players something flashy to wear, it creates a physical tag to denote the top achievers in the sport.
it creates something for players to revere and aim for, and it creates a concept of legacy and lasting achievement for the game.

trying to go to my first evo this year mostly for the experience and to participate in hd remix.
so im happy to see HD remix back again this year.
altho it does suck that its probably gonna be on ps3 tho.

sirlins notes from last year should be more than enough to convince organizers to change but im sure its
more of a resource issue than anything.

if i do go ill probably be in some cheap motel so i hope someone will show me around to all the fun rooms with the casuals going on

someone here mentioned an arcade release and although this will probably NEVER happen im pretty convinced it would
be very popular if it did happen.
i always hear sf4 players using the words “exciting” or “intense” when describing hd remix tourneys.
this game just has an essence about it that i feel most if not all the other fighters lack.

long live old school street fighter 2.

I don’t know how much power Evo/SRK has, but promoting HDR through the Xbox dashboard or PSN via special offers to entice new players or remind current ones would be a good idea.

Already confirmed that HDR is going to be on PS3. Why oh why. Who cares if Sony donated the PS3’s that version is so bad, I’d rather stump up my own money and donate a 360 to Evo.

what about capcom, do they get involved? Seems like they have abandoned HDR even though there still some issues that need sorting out

I fully plan on renting a nice big ‘mommy’ van, say a 2010 Town and Country with full game hookups, getting people together and playing HDR all the way to EVO with whoever wants to go with me.

Aqua, you think you’re going to be the only Fei player? I’m gonna be reppin’ the Cammy to the very end. If there ends up being a 2v2 side tourney, you and me Aqua, we’ll take 'em all down. Team Underappreciated Characters FTW!

I’m not going to post the link again, but Sven has already said “we will look into it, but there are no plans for a patch.” That was at least 6 months ago and Sven never came back to say what they found.

Capcom to HDR is like the 40 year old who’s really successful, but the family just got a a brand new cousin who’s even more successful at a younger age, and looks newer and they could care less about the 40 yr old.

I know im trying to go lol hopefully i can save up enough to make it. Should be alots o fun.

Totally amp’d for this game to be at EVO. Not playing much rightnow, but am still pumped.

Easily the #1 game I want to see at Evo, im still hoping to get some holiday time off work to see if I can make it down. HDR/ST for life!

Honestly, I would like to see some shit talking this year to create hype for the game. I’ve never really been a shit talker, I would rather let my play do the talking, but it would be nice to get a lot of hype this year so someone please talk some shit lol

Capcom is focused on SSFIV now, i don’t think they want to fix HD Remix, i wish they make a GGPO port in the future.

Yo Afro, imma flying up from Canada to take your little crown away, phear me motherfucker, phear me! :badboy:

(something like that?) :bgrin:

Now all I have to do is get the time off work, round up the cash to fly down, get hundreds of hours of free time to train up, and somehow manage to beat you in HDR… hmmmmmmm…maybe not, lol. :xeye:

Haven’t played in months, Balrog will still throw your ass, and youll still feel it every time