[SFHD] "The person doing the new sprites is a tracer and nothing more." - No-name guy

Hahaha some random nobody on the Internet thinks Udon is doing a bad job on SFHD.

Summary of what was said: http://indygamer.blogspot.com/2007/07/street-fighter-hd-remix-traced.html

Bonus art of O.P.* Sagat (from some other guy): http://www.locustleaves.com/Sagat2.png

  • The O.P. stands for “old pedophile”

Okay let’s all talk about how a random nobody don’t understand wtf they are talking about.

The person who drew the sagat is also using the horrible theory that I hate about HD 2D work. He says “Bigger resolution = bigger spatial gaps between frames. It’ll look like a Monty Python animation”.

That is so remotely untrue it hurts my brain…and people say it constantly, even on these boards.

Higher resolution does NOT make things seem more sparesely animated. I honestly think Guilty Gear’s shoddy animation makes people think that it’s BECAUSE of the resolution that it looks choppy. Instead, they’ve got shitty animators and a poor sense of weight in most of their movements.

The movement is still going to take up the exact same amount of real estate on your television, no matter what the resolution. That’s what people seem to not understand. Yes, more pixels are being traversed in the process, but it moves the exact same distance and looks exactly the same on your television. ST vs. HD:ST will look the same in terms of animation.

Don’t fall for the ‘Guilty Gear Effect’. Guilty gear would look amazing if they re-animated the sprites (with more frames of animation and less wooden poses).

This is how freakin’ far I’ll go to prove a point.


so umm…why does this need it’s own thread?

i second vaplus’ point

but i also like this random internet guy’s sagat

I just hope thats not the picture of Sagat, did not like it. And This is a Remix, of course it will be traced, as long as it looks better, and plays well. Then its done its job, we can only wait and see though.

A lot of Udon’s work DOES remind me of the SSF2Revival art, only a little sloppier.

Why? He makes him look 70 years old.

i didnt want to shit up the sfhd thread cause trust me this threads gonna get shitty

Yes, because the main HDR thread is just brimming with intellectual commentary.

LOL, OMG, ROTFL @ that Sagat pic.

About the bitching factor in that STHD thread… I wonder HOW MANY ppl will complain/bitch after the game come out. I just can imagine it as the old debates like SNES vs GENESIS games. Wich plays/look/sounds better? LOL Its just a matter of tastes I think.

Yes, that Sagat does looks like a sexual freak or something!

T. Hawk looks awesome.

Udon better buff Sagat up to Alpha musculature. Crack-head Sagat was SO lame.

I like how Sagat (in the O.P. version) looks like a senile old man…

That guy is retarded. AND he calls the sprites “horrible”…code for “wah I love Capcom’s 15-year old SF2 sprites and reject all forms of change”.

thread closed. use your head