SFII #0 cover! You guys see it here first!


SFII #0. Kicking off an all new SF experience in October 2005. Only 1.99 cover price!

More to come!

October? Man that’s far. On the bright side it’s the same month the Devil May Cry manga starts coming out in English. Cool cover, thanks for sharing!

In my best Teen Titans Raven impersonation: “Very nice.”

Thanks for sharing,Udoneko! that is one seriously badass cover!
October is far,but I can be patient.Can’t wait for its return!

When can comic book stores start ordering Street Fighter II?

So that means that the alpha arc is already over?!

This will be in the October Previews Catalog that ships last Wed of July.

Also available will be the regular Akuma bust, and of coz Exalted #1 (give that book a try! It will not disappoint you!)

For the Alpha fans, do not worry. We named it SFII becoz of a few reasons -

We took a longer than expected break due to a lot of factors. Mainly is that UDON will be going solo publishing ourselves. Devils Due is a great publisher, but we feel that it is about time that we move forward to be a REAL publisher. Between you and me here, by going solo, we can have access to a lot of info (like checking stock, ship dates, etc) directly and hopefully my schedule permits I can give you guys updates faster.

But with the kinda extended break, we feel that it is better to restart from a #1. And since it is officially Ryu starting travelling around the world, it kinda fits into the SF II story more. Thats why we switch the title to SFII for a change. Do not worry, you will still see some SF Alpha characters. They are an integral part of the SF universe!

To me, Alpha and SFII is always like an integrated story. Capcom always told me we should not take each story too literal and die hard-ly say this is the definate cannon. Coz to them, they really did not consider every game happenning in the same time line. It is more like each game is their own “elseworld” thing to them. But when we started plotting out the comics, we feel that we should try hard to honor each element if possible. Given, some endings totally contradicted with each other. But we do want to assemble this puzzle in the best way we can to show a good picture!

wow, UDON as their own publisher, congradulations udoneko, and well deserved. so from october onwards, will UDON have their own spot in previews with nice splash page advertisements?? i look forward to seeing that

and pat alvin lee and the art team on the back for that sweet #0 cover. i can’t make out who the inker an colorist are from the sig at the bottom right

looking forward to the relaunch

Man this rules I cant wait!!!

that’s some nice art… SFII looks like it’s kicking it off with a bang :slight_smile:
good job you guys at Udon. I can’t wait.

Something to look forward too :tup:

I cant’t wait to see SF3 comics. I suppose SFII series will be longer than the first 14 issues… right??

THATS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! YEAH!! I know i didnt like the fact that u were taking a break , but that sounds sweet and is an awesome cover! Bring on October! Cheers for the heads up Udoneko, cant wait :slight_smile:

That is excellent!!! Football season and the return of SF. :tup:

There’s Pat Lee who worked on Transformers and Dreamwave and then there’s Alvin Lee who’s from Studio Udon. Two different people.

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful! :clap:

The comic shouldve looked like that from the beggining. Thats the DS style… Very, very good! Ill buy a poster or print of that the minute it is released!

I still think that’s a very lame and lazy line of reasoning by Capcom. The stories of each game can be assembled into one universe and timeline without that much effort. The pieces are out there already.


But here’s a question for you: will Udon release complete TPB versions of the earlier SF runs, complete with the side stories and gag stories? I have all of your issues (minus #0), but personally I’d prefer a book to go up on a shelf.

Even Time Stop says good! I am honored! :tup:

At this point, we want to keep the value of the individual issues. That is why we did not reprint the side stories and the cheap shots in the TPB. But one day, some day, I wanna do a oversize hard cover collection. That is what I want to see… when? I donno…