SFII #1 2nd print Sagat Cover is released this wednesday the 29th


Just got next week’s invoices which confirm that
SFII #1 2nd print Sagat Cover ships this wednesday the 29th.



Wake me up when something new comes out…

Weeee re-releases! …heh, in a way, the Street Fighter comic is following in Street Fighter’s footsteps now, huh? :rofl:

FINALLY! Took forever.

hm… I always thought it was shipped already… I guess I have to check with someone about why this is taken so long…

It’s the capcom way!

awesome! i have been waiting for this for a while, thought i had maybe missed it…

now all we need is sf2 issue 3 and rival schools…just one of them would keep me going…pretty please :slight_smile:

most popular comics have 2nd prints
so everyone, don’t look at it so negatively

I like it. The cover looks sweet. I think I’ll buy it just for Sagat.

Mohammed Ali