SFII #1 Power Foil?

Is it out yet? If so, which sites have it? If not, when? Will Club Udon carry it? The Evil Ryu cover looks great. The #2 cover look great too, the one with Blanka.


i thought foils were shipped together with store orders, but i guess not cuz i went yesterday to get one but it hadnt arrived yet.

looks like i just have to wait to read issue 1.

We didn’t get a foil cover here too. Guess I’ll wait too. If it’s Diamond’s fault though I’ll be pissed.

Diamond has it listed for Dec. 21


Cory K

so anybody get it yet? I checked with my comic book shop, they didn’t get it in there weekly shipment :sad:

Nay. But they did have #1 Raw Edition. And he didn’t know the price for it, so I got it for 5 dolla. Woo hoo!

U get it at a steal! I saw one ended on EBAY last nite for more than 20 bucks!

For the Foils, I just checked with Quebecor today. It seems that their printing schedule is very backed up and cannot run them till first thing of the year. I will keep you guys posted on this once they come back to work during the new year. I am as frustrated as you guys are on this too!


The link above, Diamond shipping list, shows that the Power Foil cover will be released on December 29, 2005. So, next week.

Hmm, It’s not listed on our retail invoices for next week.
Any one?

I am pretty sure that it woll not be shipped till Jan. Coz I just talked to Quebecor yesterday and they told me that their press are so crammed with the big guns and they really cannot get to it till after new year…

Well, pity us small potatoes…


anything new on it? My comic shop still doesn’t have any word on it yet.

it was on the list of releases on jan 18th on the diamond shipping list like 2 days ago when i checked but it just got taken off today…got my hopes up for nothing lol

Yeah I saw it on there a couple of days ago too. Shit, its gone now? I suppose we’re gonna have to wait a little longer now.

the wait is killing me…

Come on…

Has anyone recieved theirs yet? I was thinking that it may have been a publishing prob being #1 & all. I’ve been patiently waiting, but last wed I went in & picked up all 3 covers to #2, A, B, & power foil of Blanka? While sweet as it is it’s no E. Ryu. Any news anybody?:nunchuck: :rock:

According to Newsarama and Diamond’s “Shipping Changes as of 01.23.06”…

Also udoneko also said:

Hope that helps

Well that’s…weird.

I got #2 Powerfoil though.

Still no powerfoil. What is the deal? I’m about to stop collecting altogether because of this ridiculousness. Very unprofessional because it happens consistently. Come on Udon, get it together.

Its already been stated that its no longer in Udon’s hands. They have their copies, its already printed. Its now in DIAMOND’S turn to ship the book out but as the foil missed the designated time slot, DIAMOND have pushed it back to the closest available time slot after the 3 week processing, and that time slot is MARCH 1st

Which in NO WAY changes what I said. The book got to Diamond late because UDON shipped it late. Quit trying to place the blame on Diamond. Is it Diamond’s fault every other time this happens?