SFII #1 sold out!


Great news Erik!

Just as long as you keep Delta Red out of future issues, I’m sure sales will be just as brisk! :wink:

Great news! Hope SF2 can keep up the momentum.

I really like the way that the new cover (Sagat) will link up with the original cover of #1a (ryu) and replace Akuma (#1b) in the battle. That was a pretty clever move.

Keep up the good work, can’t wait to see what else the series has in store for us.



Great job Udon!!!

I like the delta red bits :frowning:

Me too. I didn’t mind the Delta Red stuff at all.

That’s some great news there, Erik! All you have to do now is maintain that momentum. I hope you’ll continue Bison’s backstory because it really hasn’t been done before (canon or otherwise). I wonder how the Ryu vs. Sagat match will play out. I say it’ll be a draw. Maybe Dhalsim will intervene somehow.

Yeah, but for sooo much of the story revolving around a bunch of characters Capcom chose not to give anything but one ending story frame of? It was a little much.

I don’t see how that’s “much.” It’s a great idea because it develops Cammy’s character.

I agree. It’s great to hear that # 1 sold so well, but can we please have Evil Ryu, Gouki, and Bison go to MI6 headquarters and kill Delta Red off? I have no problem with Cammy at all, but these guys have (in my opinion) eaten up way too much story for their overall lack of importance to the main storyline of Street Fighter. (again, just in my opinion.)

Damn. I’ll have to see if my comic shop has an extra copy of the Ryu cover. I’ll need it to link up to the Sagat issue when that comes out. :smiley:

I still don’t see how Delta Red has eatten up much page time.
Cammy has, sure, but she’s a SF character so suck it up.

As far as DR has been concerned, they’re her supporting cast at best.
I haven’t seen any Delta Red stories that don’t revolve around Cammy so I think it’s all in your heads.

Congrats Erik. i hope my copy still makes it’s way down under

I don’t mind Cammy’s current over exposure because by the time the storyline gets up to SF3 she will be gone. Or so I hope… I’d hate to see Delta Red working with Ibuki to take down Gill’s organization. Speaking of SF3 I hope either Ibuki, Elena, or both get the same type of Cammy-esque spotlight too.

I wonder if Ibuki and Elena have enough backplot for them to have that major roles in the SF3 storyline. …well, they do have the usable supporting casts, at least (At least, Ibuki would. Using her’s extensively would give things a rather Naruto-ish vibe, though :rofl: )

Course, I also wonder how many villains they’ll be able to have. The ratio of good guys to bad guys is poor enough in Alpha (which IMHO is one of the reasons Delta Red gets hated on while the Dolls don’t. There are enough good guy SFers as it is whereas the Dolls are in a VERY uncrowded niche). For SFAlpha, we have the four Shadaloo lords, the Dolls, Birdie, and possibly non-Shadaloo bad guys such as Rolento, Sodom, and Adon (depending on how they’re used). For SF3, we have Gill, Urien, Twelve and his look-alikes (who will probably look TOO alike, unlike the Dolls), and… um… mweh? I guess they could toss in some brainwashees or certain other villainizings of otherwise not-villains like they did with Dee-Jay or Blanka, but… that was already an iffy point already right there, I think.

I hope it’s not a US-ified plot…pleeeaaaassseeeee
prays hard

I suppose Q can go either way, or just show up to beat up people randomly. Hugo and Poison always after money might be enough for Gill’s organization to pay them off to work for them maybe. Remy hates fighters, what better way to ‘intice’ him to work for Gill than telling him he has some fighters for him to beat up. And Twelve has 11 buddies, there should be a bunch of fake Necros too, um, I dunno. Maybe if they just create one big SF3 tourney to cover Second Impact and Third Strike they won’t need much in the way of villains.

I wished that by the time they got up to SF3 they would only focus on characters of SF3 no matter how they handle it. I certainly don’t want a bunch of dream matches between SF2, SFZ and SF3 characters that we can’t have ourselves in the actual games. But by the time of SF3, the large comic book buying audience that only played SF2 might not care about SF3 and drop the book so I won’t blame Udon if they decide to toss in a bunch of SF2 Characters in the mix, I’d rather they’d just be cameos and nothing more if anything.

It will be more or less new ground. All we have for SF3 is Masahiko Nakahira’s Ryu Final manga that doesn’t feature all of the characters and some horrible Hong Kong SF3 comics, no SF3 animes or anything. Should be exciting no matter how Udon approaches it. I think Udon’s done a great job so far.

I have nothing against the Delta Red characters. The thing about the Delta Red and Cammy bits is they are repetitive. Cammy reflects on her memory loss and DR memebers offer support is the general formula and I think that is why it is rubbing people the wrong way.

SF3 material should be both liberating challenging for Udon. For the first time they do not have to any access to substantial backstory which allows them to be creative, but creating good coherant relationships and plot with characters as unconnected as they are in SF3 is challenging.

When SF3 rolls along, other SF characters should be used not just because the SF characters are more recognized (something that can’t be ignored; casual comic book readers will likely not recognize SF3) but fans do want to see their favorite characters that they’ve been following all along and would not be pleased if those characters disappear. Also, forging relationships with SF3 and SF2 characters may be a good way to bridge (kinda of how like Yun and Yang are associated with Chun right now) the SF3 characters in until they are accepted enough to stand alone in the book.

Just my thoughts. Congrats on the success of SFII # 1.

Yea, they may have to play up the few relationships to past characters that SF3 has to keep things connected. Yun and Yang with Chun-Li (which IS implied to be at least somewhat canon that they know each other) and Gen come to mind, as well as Hugo and Final Fight. And then there’s… um…

Well, it’ll be hilarious if they have a “Guile is Remy’s father!!1” in-joke XD

Udon should have fun creating their own versions of the third strike characters - because of the lack of characterisation by Capcom, they can do pretty much whatever they want that works for their storyline.