SFII #5 Covers & First Look at #6 Covers!

Here you go everyone… ENJOY!


Very nice! The Alvin Lee covers and the Powerfoil stand out the most for me.

Juli/ Juni wear high heels? News to me. LOL

But hey they’re all nice, they’re always nice. GEN IS ASSASSINING ME HELP

why is Gen on the evil side? Future plot point perhaps?

I never saw Gen as evil. An assassin and a murderer, yes. But not evil. Not in Alpha.

I personally dont view the piece as Good and Evil.
I see it as Dark and Light. Gen may not be evil,
but he uses a “Dark art”.

Is that juni and juli cover suppose to be a cover foil? It looks like it could be.

Not that i’m complaining cause I am going to get it anyways but I thought gen’s touch of death move was done with one finger and not with two. Oh well.

Gen cover = Best cover out of the entire series. Wow. Who did that? Arn?

What about rival schools?:lovin:

http://serv2.imagehigh.com/files/ih000001/1134_2006_05-xx649.jpg http://serv2.imagehigh.com/files/ih000001/18161_2006_05-xx650.jpg

Loving those Rival Schools covers.

I just hope the actual comic art is on par with Street Fighter instead of being like the preview stories in Street Fighter.

And yeah, it makes more sense to view that cover I was talking about earlier as ‘light and dark’ instead of ‘good and evil’.

Alvin, I love you, but why you keep screwin’ up Balrog’s hair, brah?

I was thinking the same thing. I hope those previews are just sketches because the summer sneek peak had better drawing of the cast.

I wonder if UDON will also do character foil covers as well.

Those covers are sweet! That Gen one is tite but didn’t they have a different picture him in the previews a couple of months ago? I just told my c-shop to cut my down to just A because I was dissapointed with the covers after #1 but now I’m gonna have to get them all again.:nunchuck: :rock:

WOW. Every single cover is awesome! Thanks for sharing sfdevotion! I will be buying multiple covers

To Alvin:
Hell yeah. I really love the drama and composition for the #5 cover, and with #6…I’ll just say wow. :lovin:

cool juli and juni cover but they still gotta do a cover of all the agents of doll