SFII HD Remix out on PSN Europe tomorrow

according to PSU we’ll get to play HD Remix “properly” from tomorrow on. Bad timing imo, they won’t sell as many copies with SFIV being released friday. :\

Damn that DOES suck. Sony better start treating euro gamers better. They release this now, when SF4 is finally out? Jeez.

So what was the deal with this? It wasn’t released there in October because of…? Glitch issues? Not passing Sony Europe quality control? If that was the case, perhaps the US will see a patch sometime soon? I could be completely wrong, but just a thought if that was the reasoning for it not being released there until now.

Hilarious timing. One day before SFIV? Haha, good luck with that.

But yeah, seeing as it never originally came out due to quality control issues, I would presume that the EU version has a lot less glitches?
Can anyone confirm this? Does it have trophy support?
Hopefully this does mean that a patch will be out for those of us that already have it.

To quote Megatron:
“You’re too late Prime!”

Geez talking about product cannibalism, they would be better of with sales if they did launch it a month after SFIV :looney:

Lol @ the timing.

I wonder if the version is better though. Where is the patch? Thought they would be released together to fix the connection issues

So no one is able to tell us if this is any different to the US version, whether they’ve fixed any bugs or glitches or added trophy support??

I think its the same version because on the day of its release it started to show up alot of games with decent ping. Maybe people finally got fed up and bought the american version or it isnt region coded?