SFII: HF question

just recently decided to play this game for fun but main problem is my buddy spamming the lk lighting kick to win so i am asking what are ways to counter act this since my skills are less than stellar

Jump in and hit him?

That thing loses to jump ins and projectiles, as grog has pointed out. It really depends on who you are playing with. Also, check the HF thread. The game has idiosyncrasies that ST does not, such as invulnerable tatsus during startup and recovery, better upball, CPS-1 chains, sonic boom that has longer recovery but it’s harder to hit from the front, dive does not knock down, and lots of other things.

You know, there’s a HF thread in the Fighting Game subforum.

There is also the newbie saikyo dojo.

Other games subforum: “Strategies for other fighting games like Super Turbo, and Hyper Fighting”

No idea why they have “super turbo” there. The ST section is not that new…

But the HF thread in General game discussion will probably help more. Dunno why they have opened it there and not in “Other games.”

Edit: [media=youtube]85IVpBZF8Rs&#t=3m30s"[/media] (see all others parts)

Hmmmm i think our friend has problems when he’s cornered by chun and his buddy starts with lighting kicks, when you’re cornered the best way to get out of that situation is to execute a Reversal, like a Shoryuken, Upkick, Flashkick, Reversal Super(this is the only way that Dictator can manage to escape), SPD, etc etc etc.

Let’s see these situations:

  1. If you’re cornered you can make or at least try a reversal move, a reversal move has higher priority than a normal move, so, you’ll be able to punish him/her.

  2. if you have enough life, to get out of that situation, just block the lighting kicks and here starts the mind games, the rest is up to you.