SFII Tourny set ups?

What is the set up for SFII at Evo? Also what version is used? I assume its the AC collection but thats an assumption.

Do they mess with the speed or anything or do they just use the boot up set up (Again i assume not since chances are its not very Arcade close) but i would just like to know so i can set my AC copy up for it.

Thanks for the help anyone who responds.

ps2 capcom classics collection 2 i think, and as far as i know they always play at the highest turbo setting

PDK is correct. This year, the game that was played was Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo from Capcom Classics Collection 2 for the PS2. The speed used was Free Select 3. Nobody is 100% what game will be played next year, but my money is on Super Turbo HD Remix, which is coming out for the XBox360/PS3.

So, if you wanna practice up, I’d just suggest playing AE on speed 3 for now, and then just get HD Remix when it comes out.

Sounds good. Thans for the help guys.