SFIIHDR online tournament - European players only



My friend PlanetRV is organising an online tournament for SFII HD Remix.

The tournament is restricted to european players only. We are not trying to discriminate American players, but this is the only way to avoid lag matches.

Here’s a little copy-paste with all the necessary info:

start time : 25/07/09 at 14.00 gmt (http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc)

If you aren’t present at the time of your match (15 minutes delay are okay), you are automatically disqualified.

All results should be send via Xbox Live to PlanetRV

Tournament Format

  • Xbox Live
  • 1 on 1
  • first to 3 wins, best of 3 rounds.
  • finals are first to 5 wins, best of 3 rounds


Akuma = banned, you will automatically forfeit that game if you pick Akuma.

You don’t have to pick a main character, and you can change characters at any time

How do I enter?
Simple, send a message on Xbox Live and XBOX LIVE ONLY with “PTW” in the message to the gamertag SF2HDR EU. THATS ALL.


Thats Geological racism!

Why should Akuma be banned? He’s not unbeatable like he used to be.


Akuma was banned at Evo and he will be banned here.
I don’t feel like discussing whether Akuma is or is not broken. Evo set the precedent, so that’s all there is to say about the matter.

Most online tourneys seem to ban Akuma btw.


Im not trying to start anything. I am wondering why he is banned thats all. I dont follow nor play HDR on a tournament level.


I’ll be there but I just started playing with a stick so I’ll be a ‘free’ I reckon…


I’ll be there too, but I think it would be better if we have to choose a single character.


I’m not from Europe so I can’t participate, but I for one support your geological discrimination!

I wish some of the other tournaments that have been held on online did the same thing.

I also support your decision to ban Akuma.


Simply, because is a broken char.

Invincible combo of air fireball + super, super juggles of 60% of life, air fireball stops 60% of chars, etc.

It is a broken and lame char and should be banned of every toruney, and online too until capcom patch the game, thing that I doubt it.


Please stop arguing about akuma in this thread there’s another one on the forums. This thread is only to announce the tournament.

@All: Please send a live message to SF2HDR EU with the abouve mentioned message or else you won’t be able participate.

@hitwari:i doubt you will be an easy match even if you just switched to a stick (i did too 2 months ago btw) :wink:


Really? Why didn’t you play on eventhubs SSF2THDR tourney? You’ve been disqualified! :tdown:


yes i know, something cropped up =/

Finally, I won’t be able to do this tournament this saturday, i’ll have another plans and i’ll not be at home =/


I might be able to make it but I won’t know until very close to the time (maybe an hour before). Will a last min entry be possible or not? Well if I don’t hear here and I can make it I’ll give it a try anyway :sweat:


i’m terrible at hd remix but i’ll still do it just for the fun!


Yep I 'll try to be there for fun too. I’m also a stick noob :wgrin:


Just realised it’s today and not Sunday. I can still make it (although probably a little late) but won’t be able to send PlanetRV a message until later since I’m not near my xbox. Hopefully he reads this topic!

As for the stick thing, I’ve only played around with it for 2-3 hours and was planning to practice today, ready for tomorrow but oh well…

Regarding future tournaments, would a league format be possible where the two who should face each other can msg their own time to meet up? This will hopefully make it easier for those that can’t make it every day and also means every gets to play each other (hopefully balancing bad match-ups). Just a suggestion anyway.


finally i’ll do it (:


GGs angel_killah! Have to figure out something to do vs Chuns :slight_smile:


ggs, no pb we’ll do some freeplay i’m on vacations so , i’ll be able to play (:


big ggs to Spatz the winner, it was a great final, good come back man !


Me too!! I thought it was sunday…:confused:

gg angel killah