SFIII:2I tiers?


So what are they? just curious.


ibuki and akuma are god tier. sean is right behind them. then everyone else


make the dive kicks stop =>(


is it true that ryu and hugo have 100% combos?


Im curious that you pick sean as number 3 over ken. is this your opinion or is this tournament related i just wanna know thx


ken isnt really all that in 2I. he is decent, but he is definitely the worst shoto in that game IMO. who knows, with all the advanced 3s tactics, maybe they translate well over to 2i and rank him higher? who knows. but its pretty much been established as sean being #3 with out a doubt. its like those 3 characters, then everyone else.


From what ive seen of Hugo is yes, he has a 100%.
Ultra throw in the corner, and you then juggle with multiple claps. Im not sure which punch you use though.
They slowly descend but before youd drop them, the stun bar would be full. Repeat.
They removed it from 2i on dc.


how many characters does this game have. i have never seen it so i know nothing about it. only what i read and theres nothing on it. i know its old but there fun to play.

  1. Akuma
  2. Ibuki
  3. Yang
  4. Sean
  5. Yun
  6. Ryu

    3rd last: Urien
    2nd last: Alex
    Last: Hugo

everyone else is bunched in the middle but top 5 is really, really strong and everybody ranked after ryu has a hard time to win.


hyper tornado off anything was too good.

not to mention you could stock 2 of them.

akuma/ibuki were the best though.