SFIII:2nd Impact thread

I didn’t see one of these, soo…

I’ll get the ball rolling…

What is the top tier?

Ibuki - High Goddess
Akuma - a god
Yang - demi god
Yun - a little less than a god

And Sean is not too far from there. Everyone else is eh… a waste of .50 :slight_smile:


lol, I do find Urien pretty good, especially with his c.HP->EX Headbutt x 2 which does TOO much damage for the easiness of it and small meter consumption.

I’ve heard Ibuki is top, but why exactly is she top? She has a large amount of chains and combos, but other than that I’m not sure?

And what are some good Genei Jin combos?

She’s top because of her normals and her easy links. Also the ridiculous mind games. In 2i he cr strong is like cr jab. Almost same animation same speed. Its not the crap normal with long recovery from 3s. Also she had a chain with it cr strong. You could do dumb stuff like cr short cr strong, wait to see if it connects, into her rush super, juggle etc. or go for a reset of some sorts. Or you could just do cr strong and wait for it to connect. A lot of her chains connected into her super. jab short f+short link super. cr short cr strong super, or do the hcb+k into super. etc. Her quick uoh is ridiculous. Unlike 3s its more dangerous to get hit by these in 2i. In 2i the uohs are quicker, have less recovery, are hard to see coming and do obscene stun damage. So like after 3-4 you are Ibuki’s plaything. So mix her chains with uohs and you’ve got one dangerous hooch.

As for Yun... genei jin? O_o  eh... I'd stick to the yo hou or the rush super. Rush super is good, you get a lot of EXes and his super is damage. Also is combos off anything i.e. you can do like st strong-st fierce link rush super. Cr. Strong-Cr. Fierce(hits twice) link super. Also you can do jab short strong, jab bodycheck into rush super. Which is better in 2i cause you can either super cancel into super or link it after the bodycheck. I would opt to link it after the body check does significantly more damage. :)


Yeah I don’t play yun that much, so I wouldn’t really know what his best super is.:slight_smile:

And for Sean, what super would you usually pick, I personally like his Hadou burst, but it doesn’t do all that much damage.

Thanks for answering my questions, I really like this game so I’m trying to learn more.:slight_smile:

Oh also, what is UOH. I’m not yet familiar with all SF3 terminology.:bluu:

Sean was my favorite characters. His best super imo is Hyper Tornado. 2 meters. Super depending on the machine does 45-50% damage. Now since 2i is really link based. You could poke with close st rh see if it connects then do super. This would do 60%. You could also do the super after his strong-rh chain.

UOH stands for universal overheads. In 2i you perform it by doing d,d + any p or k.


here’s the last rankings i saw on that game(helluva long time ago):

Ibuki(duh, tooooooo good)
Gouki(too good)
Sean(too good)

of the 2 twins, yun is better. his best sa is sa2.
sean best to IMO is the “oleiiiii” a.k.a Hyper Tornado.

ken was not bad too. just do randoms dash close stand hp. you got plenty of time to cancel it into sa3. really plenty. same with the s.mp s.hp.

IMO, Yun’s best sa is sa3 (Genei-Jin).

  • It charges obscenely quickly so you can use it many times in a round
  • The combos are hella easy to do and do quite a bit of damage
  • Really quick start up time

Unlike his other sa’s, Genei has NO weaknesses as far I can tell. You may think that the small bar doesn’t give you many ex’s, but the meter charges so fast that you can use plenty of them (I personally dont use them that much anyway).

There’s a few opportunities to land Genei combos:

  • After a hp/mp/lp shoulder (you have to supercancel lp shoulder into Genei than lp shoulder again to launch)
  • After a stand mk (anti-air or otherwise)
  • Supercancelled from the mp, hp, b+hp target combo.
  • After an anti air qcf+P (I’m not too sure about this, it might be NG only)
  • Supercancelled from qcb+P (that move is better than I thought :slight_smile: )

Here’s the Genei combos I mostly use:

  1. (corner) d/f+hk, lp, lk, mp, lp shoulder supercancel to Genei, lp shoulder x3, qcf+mp/lp till Genei ends, mk, qcf+mp/lp.

  2. (corner) d/f+hk, lp, lk, mp, lp shoulder supercancel to Genei, lp shoulder till Genei ends, mk, qcf+p

Oh yeah, am I crazy or is Yun/Yang’s low strong godly? It’s almost like Rose’s A2 low strong. You got sooo much time to see if it connects before cancelling into move of choice and the priority is amazing.

How to summon the god:

At the selection screen.

Ryu-D,D,U Ken-U,U,D, Ryu-U Ken-D Sean-D,D,U,D,U,U,U

Corner Combo: Dive Kick,s.HP,LK Hurricane Kick,HK Hurricane Kick,HK (must be in corner)

can someone go into more detail as to why Sean is such a beast in this game?

I just know that he does RIDICULOUSLY GINORMOUSLY HUGE amounts of stun. It’s really ridiculous. Like… close s.hk into tornado kick does what? 60-70% stun? His supers easily linkable too. That’s about all I know.

That’s mainly it, Sean does more damage and stun in general in 2i (a LOT more stun), plus his links are better. The ones he has in 3s are all easier in this game, and in this one he can also easily link his MP-HK chain into SA1 or 3. Oh yeah, and SA3 was pretty much the same except it had 2 bars. Easily his best super I think.

Question about Yang: Am I wrong, or does his SA1 rock the hizzouse in this game? Does the most damage AND (unlike in 3s) allows you to whore EX slashes as well, plus there’s all the stupid low strong links with it.

Question about Yun: How is his Genei-Jin different in this game? I couldn’t find anything, but then I don’t play him at all basically so…

And one more question: I recall some top players think Ryu is up there because of some sort of special trap he had with Denjin. I am guessing this had something to do with that super having 2 stocks in this game, what is it?

EDIT: Oh yes, for those who don’t know, in this game Alex can very easily link jab flash chop into Boomerang Raid. Very very useful as you can probably tell. Unfortunately he can’t do the same for Hyper Bomb even though there seems to be enough time for it; this leads me to believe that jab flash doesn’t truly leave them in a back-turned state like the others do.


Ibuki had a SA that was a bunch of normal moves stringed together, in 3rd Strike it got replaced with the ground knife super. Was this super really good, and that was why it was removed, or is it no big deal?

Why is Gouki top? is it just because his dive kick is harder to punish?

Yeah i have to say ryu is definently up there to, great damamge good speed blah blah blah, as for sean damn he just does so much damage hypertornado was TOO good you could hit confirm it after a standing hardkick (roundhouse) EVERYTIME it’s ridiculous
As for the twins yang definently has the edge over yun in giant attack good stun decent damage and fast plus his SA 1 was 2 stocks easily 40% gone when landed, i prefer giant attack to 3rd strike now feels faster personally i found it harder to parry in giant attack the speed of the game gives it a more frantic feel, admitedlly you can end a round with one combo but still rather that than play againest a scrub chun li 100000 times

Close standing roundhouse in Tornado. That shit HF hurts

Found an arcade near where I live that has 2nd Impact. I don’t have it for the DC anymore. Here are some differences I noticed.

Hadoken after shin shoryuken knocks down.
Ryu’s fierce dragon hits twice up close on grounded opponents.

Sean’s standing close roundhouse is super cancelable, his standing far roundhouse links to any super- this guy is sick.
Sean is overall about a billion times better than his 3rd strike appearance.
Sean is very good at stunning people.

Gouki’s divekick is at a much steeper angle and seems to cause more hit frames than 3rd.
Gouki’s fierce dragon knocks down a ground opponent even if it only hits once (?)
Any DP after a hurricane kick gets one less hit, except for jab.

cFP, EX Violent Knee Drop doesn’t seem to be a combo. I think it’s just the Headbutt infinite that was removed. This combo does about half a bar of stun damage.

Gill’s kneedrop is a crossover when the computer feels like it.

Sean could cancel close s.roundhouse into super in 3S also, but what made him so deadly was the ability to link a super off practically any move (save s.forward).

S. roundhouse, go make a sandwich, come back and super owned. =/

Yep - that was the Hashin-Sho. Some may disagree, but I feel that the Hashin-Sho tied with Sean’s HT for the best super in the game. People could literally NOT stick out any moves when Ibuki had meter for the super, because the shit is so fast that she could hit people on recovery frames from crazy stuff (I hit shotos 24-7 after blocking a c.forward). Shit, you could even EAT a fireball from a shoto and medium range and hit them with the super before they could recover. To top it all off, you could juggle your opponent after the super ended, which led to nasty resets and multiple supers in one combo.

Akuma is crazy in 2I. He could stun you in under 4 seconds, his dive kick was really hard to get around (not to mention that it comboed into everything), and his kick super did too much damage. One dive kick could lead to a instant death for people, especially if they were near the corner: dive kick, s.fierce xx short hurricane kick, roundhouse hurricane kick, s.roundhouse (juggle) xx Raging Demon was just plain power gay.