SFIII: 3rd Strike Jamma (No CD needed) Jap Version

Hi Everyone,

I am selling my Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Jamma. ($400.00)

This is the Japanese version with the unblockable on Urien players.
Comes with custom made kick harness.

The battery have not been replace on the cartridge, but it is still sufficient.
NOTE: as long as your board is plug in to a power source, the battery on the cart will not use. Most battery died is because they were put away or store away.

I am also selling my Super Gun / Super Nova. http://www.massystems.com/SuperNOVA.html ($200.00)

It come with the Super Nova / Gun itself and two cable which already indicate what goes with what, which button to plug into. These wires already have female clam attached. If you have a joystick available it should be a plug and play. Also, the 5 volt wire is indicated as well, so if you have a 360 perfect.

PM me for more detail or pix.
I am located in San Francisco, I would perfer pick up.


PM Sent.