SFIII 3rd Strike (SUPERCADE/GGPO/nFBA,etc) Palmod palettes fair


They messed up Light to Dark gradients in the first pack. And that’s their comeback.


They’re a bunch of idiots. They should know that user-generated content is worth the extra spend because it keeps the game interesting and the community warm.

They have that for YouTube uploads but the quality is douche (don’t wanna spend money) so they messed up there, they could have added the colour edit mode and had a gallery for colours much like the replay system in SF4. They could’ve made it simple, shareable and essential but instead they spend peanuts on a strange port. Frankly I think the team they put on this just don’t understand the community.

SFIII is a very stylish game and the team have tainted it with the one chance they needed. Shame.


I got bored and decided to do some palettes in one of first games I did palette editing for.
X-Men Cota


SSF4 was still just a rumor when I did these edits.





Thanks to Alien nose job i don’t have to basically start from square one on my vsav edits.

Just some of the edits I’ve done right before I saved over that state.
At least, I still have pictures to base the palettes off of.



Dunno if I will remake these two.





Few of my edits for Bulleta are being based of Hol Horse palettes.


Morrigan and Lilith have one color in common(Lilith’s LK = Morrigan’s MP) I’m probably going to keep it like that but i’m not sure if I’ll have this edit as it though


and the last one.

Spoiler used to hide the flood.


Hmm, yeah, I think Twelve, Necro and Q could all do with a natural skin tone.

How about Dudley’s shirt being made skin color?


Want a costume edited? In order to make a request, list the character and the button (lp,lk,mk,hp, etc) and what you want. Provide pictures if you can.
Android 13

Below is a list of the pack, from the first to most current.

V.5 (Contains revamped skins for everyone and everything. Supers, Ex animations, parries, fireballs, elenas stage are also included.

V.1 http://localhostr.com/file/kjTBwUc/51
V.2 http://localhostr.com/file/WFnATEm/51
V.3 http://localhostr.com/file/6nbmD3k/51.rar
V.4.1 http://localhostr.com/file/4ws53Ik/51.rar
V.4.2(completed EX and parry edits)http://localhostr.com/file/nYnfqWn/ExtractMe.rar




how do we edit our own colors? I got the mod above and I main akuma and sean and their colors suck (or aren’t even edited).

I dont like urines portal being red either, too hard to see through


Wow, just wanted to say to LET: man, every single one of your palette mods is awesome O.o I don’t know if you work in graphics or something but you sure have your way with mixing colors and rendering them ! Bravo !

ESN, ce que tu as fait avec ton site est tout bonnement impressionnant ! T’es pas du genre à t’étaler dessus mais franchement félicitations, je te tire mon chapeau :o

Et chocobon super taf sur les décors :o Je suis charmé par ta gallerie “désuette” !

Props to everyone ! I’ll try to find some time to make new mods, but it’s getting hard to do something new AND good !


anybody knows how to use the 51 rom in the current romset of mame ?





Hey mate, thanks for the help there, I started playing with shmpmame and I was curious to see what my old colours would look like with a proper HLSL rendering !
My HLSL settings may not be completely accurate and screenshots look even brighter than the game playing for some reason, but it’s way closer to the high contrast arcade monitors have.

For those wondering how it works, it’s very simple :
just unzip the rom’s content in the same folder as CPS3romconverter, not in another folder, right there, at the root.
Don’t forget to empty the nvram folder in your shmpmame folder, and maybe, not sure it is useful, make sure you don’t have any duplicate for the rom (like a parent rom or something), or then put the same content as with the rom you’re gonna play.



Hey rageous, welcome and thanks for your contribution !


What does this do?


Romsets have been updated, so the rom we use to edit colours is not used anymore. Means you can’t play on a newer emu with it.
This little program lets you convert your old rom, edited or not, in a newer rom so that you can enjoy better emulation with Shmupmame or groovymame, and see your colour sets.

I find they make a huge difference, input wise first and foremost, and in scanlines/arcade brightness authenticity looks as well (if you don’t have a CRT and need some filters to make it look like it should). It’s waaaaaaaaaay better than the regular scanline effect commonly used. Even better than using a scanlines generator alone as it can compensate for the dullness of LCD colours.


CVS2 Shin Akuma, SVC Violent Ken, and CVS Evil Ryu


Click the image to download


Good evening, this is my first post. This PALMOD tool is great, I’m starting to port the extra 6 colors from Dreamcast to my Arcade ROM file, but I have a problem:

I can’t find the portraits (The face of the character under the health bar) in the Dreamcast files.

Is there any way to open those Dreamcast portraits in PALMOD? I want to export the Dreamcast portrait palettes.

Thank you very much in advance.


How do I edit stages?


How do I get custom stages


I need to remember where this thread is, so posting a couple of mods I just did:

Dark Prince Akuma

Green Envy Sean

Trying to find that Nazi Brown shirt Dudley

I guess I already have it from fistofnoobs pack on the previous page, I don’t know how to edit my current mods in though. I can’t even find the rom for fightcade. My computer links to my admin folder, but I don’t even see a ROM in there.

I have a couple packs and shit in my CPS3 emulator folder, but they wont work in that emulator which kinda sucks.


This thing only works for third strike right?