SFIII 3rd Strike (SUPERCADE/GGPO/nFBA,etc) Palmod palettes fair


Alright tried to upload this edit (still wip) and I’m getting the same error as LET.



Hey, looks neat for a start !
Still WIP and not even tested ingame, ok, but I would do something else than blue with the background sky to have a stronger feel of two separate planes.

As for the error, I may be wrong but I think ESN added a fix to get the new colour code anyway.
That or ESN will do the pal for you maybe.


I also got an error on my computer.
I’ll check that later, sorry…


some of mine:


welcome rageous !

I like the second chun, and both chuns have a flat look that makes it seem cartoonish, which is fun !
however, you may add more volume for remy or go the cartoon the whole way maybe for his jacket/shoes. just my opinion of course.


I think there is something wrong with the picture that is causing the error(could be the size also).

I decided to do an edit on the versus background and it worked.


In-game screen shot



Looks good Jed! I had a go with that animation and never got anything I was happy with, because the colour hues are all arranged in sequence. Does it look good in motion too?

Nice edits Rageous! I especially like the Gouki, looks really ‘Alpha’ I think.


I made another one for the Vs screen


Its to go with the silver logo(I didn’t do it for the test though)

Also tried Let’s Ryu stage edit. Let it just seems to desaturated and bright to go with the sprites.



I like your VS screen edit Jed - Monochromatic actually looks quite good I think, shows how busy the original really is!

I agree about my edit too - although the background was supposed to look a little misty (or something like that) and I contrasted the roof, it really shows how odd it looks. I couldn’t tell whether this came from over familiarity with the stages but I’m not happy with my stage either.

I’m going to tone down the pink sky, as it really does clash and doesn’t fit the trees at all…
Generally, I think it’s less the desaturation and more the contrast that the issue with my edit. There’s too much grey and when you overlay the sprites onto grey, their lineart outlines and shadows just don’t look right against it.

I could probably fix it just by running it through autolevels I reckon.


Damn, I haven’t been here in forever. And it looks like you guys are still going strong. I forgot what I was working on before my absence.


The only roms I have in Mame with the 51.rom inside are the Japanese NO CD roms. How can I edit the US translated rom? Thanks


it doesn’t matter - any 51 file is editable and I think it’s the same file across all versions anyway.

Try opening it with Palmod (see first post, first page) and let us know if you get stuck.


OK thanks, but the problem I’m having is that only the Japanese NO CD roms have the 51.rom inside the zips. The smaller American rom has only a sfiii3_usa.29f400.u2 file inside.

How can I edit a non Japanese rom without a 51.rom file inside?

The only roms available for Mame are:
Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future (Japan, 990512, NO CD) ( 63.12 Mb )
Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future (Japan, 990608, NO CD) ( 63.12 Mb )
Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future (USA, 990608) ( 129 Kb)

See? Only Japanese roms are large enough to carry the editable 51.rom.


Edit your “big” rom (probably the 990608), results should appear when you’ll launch your us version (small one).


Thanks for clearing it up for me.


Nope, just tested it. The colours were there in the Japanese No CD roms, but when I loaded up the US rom (after deleting the NVRAm and rewriting the CD), the colors were not there. Are you sure you can edit the colours of a translated US rom because it didn’t work?

I didn’t think it would work anyway, as the US rom is looking inside the CHD for its info, and not in the larger No CD Japanese roms. Editing the Japanese roms has no effect on the US roms (only the chd).

So are all you people playing the Japanese roms or is there a way to color edit the translated US rom?


ColorEdit put the 51 file in both no cd versions, be sure to delete the nvram, and disable the rom search on Mame(if you don’t do this Mame will refuse to load this).

and yes LET all rom 51 files are the same on 3s.


I dragged the 51.rom into both sfiii3 Japanese rom sets and overwrote the file. Deleted the NVRAM for all 3 games and ran the US rom set. After re-installing the CDROM it had all the original colours and not my edited ones. What’s stopping the US rom finding the 51.rom files inside the Japanese sets (they work fine on the Japanese roms)?


Hmm I’m not sure here - but I always play the Japanese ROM anyway and switch the region if I need to.


I do the same. Is there any particular reason for using the US rom?