SFIII 3rd Strike (SUPERCADE/GGPO/nFBA,etc) Palmod palettes fair


Yes, the reason was that I didn’t know you could change the territoty of the rom by going into the dip switches. I usually ignore the dip switches on the newer games as all the settings are in the Test Switch menu.

But thanks, it worked and I don’t need to play the US rom now.


Just noticed something about PALMOD. When I open the SFA3 rom file (sz3.09c) to colour edit Alpha 3, only around half of the characters are present in the preview window. Also, the last two colours for each character are using palettes from other characters - for example, Ryu’s final two colours are Ken’s X-ism palettes, but appearing on Ryu’s sprite.

I am editing the file found inside Mame’s sfa3.zip. How come it’s all messed up when everything works perfectly in SFIII3?


Basically, Alpha/Zero 3 is not implemented properly in PALMOD yet. I spoke with SuupaBuu some time ago (creator) and he said he put it in because it was half supported and someone might find it useful. I don’t think he’ll want to fix it fully but there are other ways. If you look at Versus Colors there is a good amount of CPS2 games colour mods. The forums are quite quiet but those guys will definitely help you if you get stuck. It means using a hex editor but it’s not as hard as it sounds.


I’ve always wanted a thread for cps2 color edits for srk since the forums on versus colors are dead.

And do you guys mind if I show off my Jojo’s edits (since it is a cps3 game and uses the same format) in here as well?


I vote yes for Jojo - but maybe CPS2 deserves it’s own thread. There are so many games. We managed 30 pages just for 3S after all. But either way, I’m not fussed. Having them all in one makes sense too.


Alright then since it is allowed been doing this for months :stuck_out_tongue:

[media=youtube]tYIvHVhcWwc[/media] testing the flashing palette (also if you look in related videos you can see what my next edit is going to be based on for Kakyoin).

Here are some of my Jojo’s edits.


Ghoul Chaka (you’ll notice I already found the lifebars)


Ivan Ooze vs Smurfette


Jotaro(based on a punk band) vs pink Dio


and the edit flithyrich requested


My favorite edit I made on Young Joesph.
based on (BOC - “The Red and The Black”)


Mango Dio nuff said

I have more edits I’ll eventually write a tutorial or ask if I can grab shadowdiouk’s tutorial since his is better then mine.


Look really nice, though I’ve never even played JoJo’s and have no idea what the original pals look like!!!
The game looks like MSF sprites on SFIII:NG backgrounds :smiley:


Newest Kakyoin Colors
Based on “Twilight Revolver” By Hierophant Green
Most of characters and stands in Jojo’s is based on music so why not do it for the colors.


If the picture is too big I’ll just post the link.

Vid showing the flash on hierophant green [media=youtube]2l3hD0kFxOw[/media].


hey people,

nice to see your edits jed !
amazing you pulled that by yourself !

I’d prefer to keep things 3S related in here as it’s messy enough already with one game and its specific set of tools.

I’m sure lots of peeps would like to see a Jojo hacking thread (I know I would) and would start contributing if you do that.
However I could understand you don’t feel like starting that and won’t mind if you pop a few previews in here once in a while, as long as you don’t flood the thread ^^

I’ll be away for a few months still, so behave while I’m not here.
Heard 3S is going online at last !

I just found a file about elena’s stage colours on a japanese hacking board you pointed to, Jed. Interesting as it’s been posted somewhere in 2008 !



Please post said file! I am intrigued!!


Here LET

One thing about Elena’s stage is the only way too make a good edit is to edit the graphics for it.

Might make a cps2/neo-geo thread soon after I find more palette locations for some of the games not supported in Palmod.


Klax0r’s PalMod Color Set updated, here.


nice colors OZ…


Some nice updates :slight_smile:

Though I have to disagree with you Jed on the Elena stage. You can make a good colour edit (I nearly got there) but it’s problematic because the colour range is so tight. One thing’s for sure, you CANNOT get a good edit just by grabbing the hue slider and moving the mouse, which is what those Japanese edits looked like :S

I’ve been trying to find my way around some Super Turbo stage edits recently which is ironically much harder, but I’ll revisit Elena’s stage in an effort to finish it and show you what I mean.

I also need to finish Yun and Yang to wrap up my character edits into a full list!


Hello, I am new and just wanted to post the palettes I’ve edited for Akuma. One of them is obviously copied from Ken, and half of them aren’t radically edited but I think I did a good job.

Um I’m not sure if it’s allowed to post a link to the 51 file (for legal reasons I guess?), so I uploaded the palette files in a rar instead.

Edit: uploaded to MediaFire, removed Rapidshare link.




Nice Job like your ex Akuma the best out of that set.




Wow, really nice - though the first 6 look a lot like the regular versions or maybe some others. The EX one is very fresh actually. I think he needs the darker skin shades’ brightness taken down so there’s more definition but if it is a straight palette swap, it certainly works well.

Slight edits or not, these are a really good job I think! Please post more! Other shotos maybe?

You’re right not to link to 51 files by the way. a text file with the ACT codes or an external link are a much better idea (liuke you have done).


hey nice pals !

thanks for sharing, I may post all I have sooner or later and am not quite happy with all my goukis though so I may steal and edit your EX which looks fresh !

I also think you should enforce volume as LET said, but, in a way, it’s just a choice of making something that looks flatter or not.


Haha, go ahead.

I started editing Dudley’s palettes – mind that I’ve already edited every character’s LP into a different color scheme, but so far for Dudley I’ve made two, LP and EX. Although, I’m not sure exactly what else to do with him. Besides those two, the rest are pretty much already perfect but I’ll try to cook something nice.