SFIII 3rd Strike (SUPERCADE/GGPO/nFBA,etc) Palmod palettes fair


Ahhh - nice to see you back!

So, does that mean that the previous broken matrrixes work now? I guess, what I’d always hoped for was a background editor on the fly, like Palmod. So, any changes that make ESN’s web tool more like that are certainly welcome!


Just tried my old Gill stage edit and works like a charm now might work on another stage edit after I do finish up some neo-geo color edits and the Gill stage.


yes, ESN has fixed these big stages that didn’t work, but there’s still something going wrong with chun’s stage if I’m not mistaken, plus the little bits of pixels that we forgot to rip on a few other stages (like a few raindrops in yang’s, parts of the beer cans on ken & alex, etc…) it’s not a big fix, but we all lack the time.

Also, I’m glad your gill’s stage works now, it looked neat from the previews.

ESN is currently updating his whole site, thinking how to make it easy to make your own build online, and it looks pretty dope !

I also should edit my latest stage edits, but I can do that only on a well calibrated screen, which µI have only at work and where… I work.


wow ESN made his new database page accessible !

check it check it out !


seems faster but it shows every revision of the gill stage.


This is a beta version, a lot of things are missing.


I’m gonna challenge myself with just the color tester on jojo’s dev menu. I’m gonna make an edit on Elena’s stage since I can get the most detail this way.

here is what I mean color tester


1p left and right controls the red value
1p lp & mp control the green value
1p lk & mk control the value
the bottom bar is white value

the decrypted color value = 14ED
encrypted = ED14


looks interesting, I had no idea you could load other things than jojo’s data if I understand what I see, does it also mean you work without preview??


beta or not, it fuckin rules and is already so much more user-friendly. If I get a chance I’ll upload all my palettes to the database over Christmas. I am eager to finish Yun and Yang before SSF4AE hits but with everything going on haven’t got to it yet…

Is your database backed up? My Rapidshare account is pretty useless now and I want to replace all my old links and back up the palettes somewhere else. If I did this via a text code for each pal and an image preview it would be a small file I could probably host in my sig or something.


hey !

you got a 51 file with all your pals on ? sebd it to ESN, he’ll convert it and make screens automatically with his mass import script (not public/finished yet).
and for your sig, maybe you can create on the database a “LET’s colours set” predefined set and link to the page…


Database is backed up, don’t worry about this ^^
As choco said, best way to mass import palettes is to send me a rom with all your palettes already inside.
Actually, this script is online but my FAI doesn’t allow enough time for it to do the entire process :confused:


The new ESN database

I did not like. I do not want to download a new file 51 every time I want a palette. =(

In old one, just copy and paste the code in Palmode. Much easier. =)


I already said the “new” version is a beta one, a lot of things are missing, including viewing palmod code of palettes…
Also, old version still exists.
Though, i’m not sure to understand how it can be easier to copy/paste each palettes into palmod (so, basically, copy, select char, select button, paste, save), then apply patch then copy into rom zip, than just select your palettes online, download an already generated rom and copy it in your rom…

If you guys think about some cool/useful features/improvements, feel free to share here…


I agree. I think if you put the code displayed will be great and I’ll switch to the new one immediately :stuck_out_tongue:

Coming soon, I’ll put my palettes there. ^^


I’m slowly working on this.


Need to think of a different sky



btw the widescreen regions start at 0x80 if you want to know how i got them like this



it seems quite hard to do ^^


hey Jed,

what are you aiming at?

Looks like youre trying to recreate a broad daylight set here, is it?

Well, it’s difficult to do as the graphics openly show a burning sunset, however, in my opinion, you could get something more convincing by using these moded parts as top layers above the original graphics, in order to bend the original burning looks towards a late afternoon looks maybe (using your parts a layer effects in photoshop).

This probably goes against waht you’re trying to do, so don’t mind me.

Still that’s a fun try, eventhough I don’t understand why not just using photoshop ^^
I defenetly want to see where it will go


forget the daytime edit I tried to find a way couldn’t. Also I like having control of every single color is why I don’t like using photoshop/paint shop pro method.

btw this seems too plain but it works sorta (I need to make another grass palette for the foreground)



hey all

new pals, makoto and hugo stages, actually, hugo is not so new anymore, but I think I never showed it



as always, comments are welcome ^^

Jed, this defently looks weird with the gras not done yet, but also, you may have problems with your chars, depending on what their colours are, I’m looking forward to see this finished !



I want to edit my stages too, but I not have any patience… to much elements.

and if I dont like, is a lot work to return to default =(