SFIII 3rd Strike (SUPERCADE/GGPO/nFBA,etc) Palmod palettes fair





ryu stage (again!), lowered the levels and readded some colours in the sky… don’t know what to think of this one anymore.
Yun, started long ago, deglitched and , hopefully improved.

happy new year !


Ryu Stage - Shadows when sa

Alien, can you put in database the ryu stage shadows when sa?

It’s terrible when sa goes in shadows of the old stage colors.

thx ^^


added some sort of Ryu stage SA/shadow pal, I took a chance at doing something slightly different from what the game originally does, but it would need a few more tries to get it right.
That’ll do for now.

btw I like your orange ken pal, and once your pals are added to the database it can’t be easier to revert to another version of a stage or to the originals.


I had some problems when sending palettes, because I had never sent one before.

I tried to delete those sent in error (and color preview), they remain on the site. = (

Ken I did was based on Ryo Sakazaki from Art of Fighting game (I guess you already know that xD).

I’ll see your Ryu stage pals (shadows when sa).



What’s the perm link (number) of the wrong ones?


626 (Alex - in game colors)
638 (Oro - in game colors)

I put new colors for Yun. Comment please!



Here is my file 51 with the best colors I found the forum and some that even I did (see the database).

51 - 4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download

All portraits already combined with the new colors.


You meant they are still displayed in the new version of the application?
It’s normal, as i said, beta, etc…
For the moment, i work most of the time on a new version of the 3sPalMod tool…
It’s currently accessible via url …/3sPalModNew/3sPalMod.php if you guys wanna see it… (again, beta, blabla, etc…)

Like the lime Yun btw ^^

choco > like your urien stage edit too ^^


I love the new editor. Great Work.

Work in progress Dudley going for the newer kof palette look.



Thanks ESN, the new database system is sick !
Now it’s really convenient to make up your own build as you go along, I’ll probably even just retag all my set with a dashing name so you can just build it just by filtering pals with one word.
Last thing that bothers me a bit, is that when you update a palette code, the preview stays the same.
If all previews display their actual palette codes, it’s not a bad thing that every palette steps shows up on the new DB.

I had a look at your new online PALMOD, but I couldn’t figure the exact url, I got there hitting the “E2” ont the adresses list.
Looks really cool, hope I can try it soon.
Only thing that I think should be mandatory, would be at least two windows displaying the original colours, and the ones you’re working on, maybe being able to create a new window on the fly with the current colours to keep track of a particular step could be cool too…

Here’s the urien edit and a shot at alex, first one needs a couple adjustements, and the later, I’m not sure.




Thx guys!

I fixed the preview problem when updating palette in old tool.
Also i removed possibility to upload your own preview, i think it’s not useful anymore as i generate preview on the fly and it screwed up page layout of new tool :stuck_out_tongue:


seeing all this fine work really makes me wish custom palettes didn’t break replays


God bless you. Elenas stage is definitely the worst in 3s and needs to be changed.


Balbars stages looks cool xD

I think what each new stage should have a shadows sa version too ^^

It’s ugly when the colors change when I run SA.



Shadows are under a different tab if they are available and people know about their stages its a lot of work just to do a regular edit.


Hey all,

a shadows palette for an edited stage is very easy to make, once you figured exactly the right pattern.

Mimmicking the original game’s shades is just adding a grey layer on “multiply” mode atop your edit. If I recall, the grey is slightly darker than a mid grey and totaly desaturated.

However, we discussed it with LET a year ago maybe, and thought being able to edit the whole game it was also time to try playing it a little different, liken using something else that desat grey, maybe something bluer, and super art state could look cool with some more saturated areas.

Still, until you’ve found something you’re happy with, it’s extra work ^^

and yup, I’m glad Balbars joins, some look really cool, but he seems to burn colours a lot, which may look odd depending on your characters edits, and at least make it a bit harder to discern them on the background. Just nitpicking here ^^


An easy way is to desaturate the edited stage pal.
Maybe i can add an option to auto desaturate linked Shadow pal during the patch process…

edit: damn, burned!


yup ^^

well anyways, I’m on lazy/not at work mode and I took time to try a few of Balbar’s satges, and there’s an Elena and an ibuki that look great !
here’s a screenshot of Balbar’s Elena edit for those who hate this stage ^^


looks good to me, but I’m on a crappy computer with a non calibrated screen that makes things look brighter than they really are (hence my stages that are too dark), so I bet it’s a bit too dark ! two mins in photoshop with levels to fix it !




hey all,

new pals done, or adjusted ones, like Urien’s and Gouki’s (which was a port from a pal LET had made a draft for, before we could edit stages), mostly stages, ryu’s is a remix of one Balbars had done, I think it works better than the violet ones I did.
Also, a new Oro fireball/SA2, comments welcome.







accessible through ESN’s site as always.

EDIT :::
added a preview of my alex stage edit, also displays the master/apprentice scheme for ken and sean.