SFIII 3rd Strike (SUPERCADE/GGPO/nFBA,etc) Palmod palettes fair


Hehe, you really like those brown and blue tones, I see. Everything looks so fresh.


Hey first of all say congratulations about this great work and especially to ESN about his database. Im amazed about all of your work dudes.

A question:
¿How can i change the palettes of a stage with copy paste from de database´s code? In PalMod they are divided by a lot of palettes but in database is there only a code :S

Another question:
Because of my english, i dont understand all of this, but i think you are using programs like photoshop to get palettes or something like that? How do you do it?

Well i wanna to apport something to, hope you will like it:










hey mates, thanks for the support and welcome sizok.

to enter a stage palette code in palmod, you’ll need first to create and download a patched rom frome ESN’s site (patched with the desired stage I mean).
Then, in your palmod folder, create a new .txt file named “sfiiie.txt”, and enter the address of the stage you want to mod in the following form :

Gill stage - Entire stage

you will get the address on ESN’s on the “update” page, ticking “export for palmod” and using the button with the same text.

then, open two palmod windows, and on both, select the stage palette, at the very end of the character list, under “extras” and copy paste palette after palette.

pretty tedious, he ?

well, if you dont want to bother that much, just add your character palettes on ESN’s database and create a patched rom with your chars and the desired stage ^^

I use photoshop only for stages as you can’t mod them with palmod (or it gets crazy)
here’s how I do it, after a lot of hit and miss action :


I used to crop and separate every bit of a stage and put it back where it belongs in game, but with time I found it was a waste of time, so I just get rid of the pink background which would mess your colour perception and leave mostly everything in place.
I organize my work as shown above and below is why I do it this way :

  • A folder in which I do all the edit, always starts with a copy of the original, keeping it in a folder helps comparing in one click the original colours with your current edit, mostly to check tones and values.

  • Original colours

  • MATRIX image, that I used to select colours and be sure I select all shared pixels at once. Note that I don’t look at the matrix while selecting pixels, and rather leave the original layer or my edit folder visible, while I selected in photoshop the matrix layer to use the magic wand on it. Magic wand tool should be set as follows (see picture to get the precise name of tools and see that I work on the matrix layer) :
    Tolerance set to 0 and “pixels contigus” (=“adjacent pixels” in english photoshop ?) unchecked. once you’re done selecting what you want, don’t forget to go back to the layer you want to work on ! sometimes I add coloured layers in special modes as “tint” or colour"… etc, sometimes I copy part of the original layer and tweak it using “ctrl+U” and then sometimes I add up one of these layers atop others to slightly colour them someway or change their values, playing with the opacity factor.

  • Pink background

you’ll find original colours and matrix images on ESN’s Site.

hope it helps, give it a try and feel free to come back if you need help.
I posted a demo workfile a few pages back, it was an oro stage edit, if it can clarify, but I think the screenshot above shows all you need to know to get started !
have fun.


Oh thanks dude, now i got new stages :smiley:

Respect of the phothoshop method, is hard for me to understand. What you do is work over the matrix image and get a group of pixels of the same color, and then paint they?

In any case, after you get the finally image, how do you transform it into palettes?

Thanks again mate!!


What I meant is I do my work on a copy of the original colours, or on other layers atop this one, but, I always do the selection work on the matrix layer.
To put it straight, I use the magic wand to select an area (say, the woods in the background) on the matrix layer, which doesn’t forbid to have other layers enabled atop while doing that. And once I’m done selecting, I go back to my work layers, above.
Hope I’m clear.

EDIT :::

yup, and after you’re done editing, flatten your image (don’t forget to re-enable the pink background first !) and save it as a .png image.

Then, go to the UpdatePalette page and find/filter your palette (e.g. Ryu stage - Entire Stage) on the column to the right, click on the “E”, this will open the old edit page. There, click on the button “Get Palette code from image” and point the browser to the edit you just made in photoshop.

The image should refresh and a new palette code should appear. copy it and go tothe old database page.
There click on Add New palette and follow the instructions., and you’re done, your palette will appear in the newer database.


Ohhhhhhh ok dude now i can understand the method!! Thanks a lot!!


Hey peeps !

added a few things lately to the database, new dudleys (no time for previews, sorry)
and shadows palettes for everything I could, big protraits I have already edited, plus every stage I did so far, except yun and urien which displayed some problems.
Also, ESN updated his site, cleaned a bit the palettes entries (which was long overdue) and updated the “misc” section.



I once did some little Stage-Edit out of boredom.


Back: http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/9572/elnbg.gif
Mid: http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/8045/elnmd.gif
Front: http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/3066/elnfr.gif

The Colorcount is as high as in the original parts.
maybe some of you guys can use this and do an real “patch” or whatever :slight_smile:

PS: a brighter version is, of course also possible:


so I’m dumb, right? a tad lazy, too.

Anyone wanna just post their 51 files for me to dl?

Specifically looking into stage modifications…


ESN’s database

>“predefined sets” pick whichever you want, click on it, let it load, then click on the button “GO”, let it load, and click on the download link.
can’t be any simpler

last 3 sets at least have stages edited, mine has most of them with shwadows too.

have fun


There’s so much that has been changed over time. Diggin the database and new colors. Nice work.


I haven’t looked at this thread since my edits in 2008! alot of progress with the editor I see. Here’s an idea, instead of just recoloring the backgrounds on stages, has anyone tried to “replace” the background layers with those of “other SF2 games”

SFA2 - Australian Outback to Replace Elena’s stage? :tup:


Cps3 doesn’t really share anything from the cps2.


Finally got on here…

Preview of some stages and character edits.

Stages I am nearly happy with…might update one or two at some point in the future but cant be arsed for the moment. They will do.

Some character edits will be getting tweaked in order to make them “pop” a little and will be workin on SA stage shadows & in-game icons when I get 5 minutes.

ESN - I’m gonna need you to delete some stage edits again as I have uploaded too many beta test/crap ones and they are making page loading times suck a little :sweat:



New revisions to Klax0r’s Complete PalMod Color Set.


hey, nice work !

you did a load of stuff !

would you mind if I reupped a pal you made a long time ago ?
I really liked it and wouldn’t bother do do it again from scratch.


that’s the one I’m talking about.
keep it up !


Dudley with yellow gloves

Always want to make a Dudley with yellow gloves because of


Now I’ve made it.
The original LP,MP,HP,LK,MK,HK Dudleys.

Yellow gloves sampled by LP Sean’s clothes.
White lines on the gloves are from LK Dudley,
'cos it’s white and dark which makes it realistic.

used the LP/LK’s skin colours (hair,face and arms) 'cos I like it blacker.

used the MK’s salopette and shoes.

Red little bow tie from LK.

White Shirt from LK 'cos it has the darkest shadow,
which make the shirt sharper, and it’s kind of purple–the opposite of the yellow gloves.

in the air

It’s pretty pleasing for me. Any more suggestions to make it better?


The yellow gloves were like golden. Now they are bright yellow!
sampled by HP Ken’s clothes.


Go for it.

That stage was too contrasty for my pale character edits, hence why it was ditched.

No need to get my permission anyway, just rip/re-edit/re-upload anything. It’s a communal effort after all.

Mind you, this could all be a wasted effort when 3S Online comes out…

@cmd_dash - Dont really think you can improve upon that edit unless your thinking of redoing the entire shading/contrast values of the entire cast (which is a pretty big task).


sampled by LP Q’s clothes.